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Copper Still Review

Copper stills are the best type of stills to get if you want to produce liquors that taste divine.

These stills were some of the first vessels to be used for brewing moonshine and, despite their more expensive price compared to stainless steel stills, they are still tremendously popular to this very day.

But why do some brewers prefer copper stills and does it really make a difference?  Read on if you want to find out.  


Pros and cons of using a copper still

Copper stills are glorious devices for making moonshine because they offer many positive benefits. 

There are however a few cons you should be aware off before you decide to buy these stills.



  • Copper stills are excellent heat conductors.  They are great for natural reflux production.
  • The fermentation process usually creates sulfuric components along with your wash.  Sulfur in your product doesn’t add anything to your final product and can affect the taste of your moonshine.  Copper naturally removes sulfuric components and residue.  The result is a moonshine that doesn’t have a sulfuric taste.
  • Many also feel that copper stills affect the taste of moonshine.  The natural copper metal improves the aroma of the liquors you produce. 



  • Copper stills are typically more expensive compared to stainless steel stills.  This is because copper is a more expensive metal and the stills need to be thicker for them to be strong enough to handle the fermentation process.  
  • Copper stills are also harder to clean compared to stainless steel stills.  Copper naturally reacts to oxygen in the air and can discolor. 
  • Frequent polishing is required to maintain the bright brassy color of these stills.  


The best copper still to buy

There are many copper stills available on the market and you can also invest in stainless steel stills with copper components.  Here is a quick look at the best copper stills to get right now.


The 5 Gallon Copper Alembic Moonshine Still Starter Kit


This is one of the best stills to buy if you want to produce the finest tasting liquors.  This still includes a pot, condenser, and cooling pot.  It is convenient for use since it isn’t overly bulky.  The pot is also eye-catching.  It is a beautiful pot to put on display when it is not in use.  

This still is also quite versatile.  It can be used for making a variety of tasty beverages such as whiskey, rum, brandy, and other beverages.  



Capacity – 5 gallons

Main materials – Copper and brass (100% lead-free)

Size – 28 x 24.33 x 17.63”

Weight – 25.9lbs

Thermometer – Spring type with C and F readings

Included – Copper pot, temperature gauge, copper tube condenser, and cooling pot



  • The copper pot, tube, and the condenser is made of pure copper
  • All metals are 100% lead-free
  • The 5-gallon pot is nice and large
  • Copper is ideal for removing sulfur from your spirits
  • Many feel that copper pots produce finer tasting moonshines
  • This pot can be used to make moonshine, whiskey, rum, vodka, and other liquors
  • It is very easy to use
  • Suitable for 78-94 degrees C temperatures



Copper stills are more expensive

No alcohol meter included

Copper can be challenging to keep clean and shiny


The 5 Gallon Stainless Steel and Copper Stovetop Moonshine Still


If you cannot afford an all-copper still or prefer something easier to keep clean then you can also consider this stovetop still. 

This still is very easy to use and even though the exterior is made of stainless steel, it still has a copper tube in the cooling tower that absorbs sulfur. 

This still comes as a complete kit with a pot, lid, cooling tower, alcohol meter, and submersible water pump.  This is a perfect starter kit if you are looking for something budget-friendly that can be used for making a variety of tasty beverages.  



Capacity – 5-gallon pot

Size – 32 x 32 x 75cm

Main materials – stainless steel pot with copper coil tubing

Alcoholmeter – a 3-in-1 device

Pump – 120V submergible pump

Included – Stainless steel pot with seal lids and pressure relief valve, false bottom, cooling tower with copper coil



  • The stainless steel metal is very easy to keep clean
  • Copper coil included in the cooling tower absorbs sulfur and improves taste
  • The pot can be used on any type of stovetop
  • The false bottom keeps your products from burning to the pot base
  • Alcoholmeter and temperature gauge is included
  • A water pump is included
  • The 5-gallon pot is nice and large
  • These stills are typically more affordable compared to full copper stills


  • The still won’t remove quite as much sulfur from the moonshine
  • Liquors won’t taste quite as good as with the use of a full copper still


Are Copper Stills Safe?

Copper stills are just as safe as stainless steel stills.  They are often considered safer because of their heat induction abilities which reduce your need to apply extreme heat during distillation. 

What Does Copper Do In a Still?

Copper impacts the flavor of your moonshine. 

Copper reacts on a molecular level to sulfur.  These metals cancel out the sulfur taste and remove these elements from your spirits. 

Without copper, your moonshine will taste bitter and the aroma won’t be as smooth or vibrant.  

What Is The Best Alcohol Still?

The best alcohol still is one that will suit your overall need.  Stainless steel moonshine stills are easier to keep clean and use.  Copper stills produce finer tasting beverages but they can be tough to keep clean. 

In the end, it is all up to your own personal brewing preferences. 

Is a Copper Still Better Than Stainless Steel?

Many do feel that copper stills are better than stainless steel stills because the taste is much better and these stills produce sulfur free liquors. 

But if you are not fond of scrubbing and polishing the copper pot, you can also invest in a combination still that is made of stainless steel but that consists of copper tubing. 

These will still provide fine tasting beverages but are easier to keep clean.