Amazing Hunch Punch Moonshine

Amazing Hunch Punch Moonshine

With spring in full swing, it feels like the days of beach parties, summer get-togethers and lazy afternoons sippin’ by the pool are just around the corner. Check out our amazing hunch punch moonshine recipe to find your favorite summer drink! 

Now that you have got all the summer vibes, it is time to find the perfect cocktail for all of your adventures. Since 2020 was such a drag, why not take summer 2021 to the next level with a drink that is fruity, sweet and has a kick of moonshine? 

Hunch Punch moonshine is a grown-up version of the classic fruit punch everyone enjoyed as a kid with the grown up twist of moonshine. Think of it as a delicious fruity cocktail perfect for every summer occasion. 


Flavored Moonshines are a Great Cocktail Option

One of the ways to make this summer drink even sweeter is to experiment with flavored moonshines. The classic flavors of hunch punch moonshine are orange, lemon, lime, pineapple and cherry. The good news is that you can infuse your moonshine with all of these flavors to give this classic recipe a unique flavor. 

Check out these recipes for some inspiration: 

Pineapple moonshine

Cherry moonshine

Lemonade moonshine

Which Flavored Moonshine Should I Choose? 

hunch punch moonshine recipe


The best rule of thumb for choosing your flavored moonshine for any recipe is to decide which flavor you want to emphasize most and go with that. Of course, you can always stick with the classic shine, but it’s definitely more fun to try out different things! 

How to Make Moonshine


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Of course, most people do not have moonshine in their kitchen cupboard (unless you are a ‘shiner of course). Making moonshine may seem like an overly complicated process. However, making moonshine can be as complicated or as simple as you want. 

While some serious ‘shiners may prefer to spend years perfecting their blended white whiskey, others are not as ambitious. For those who are happy to do things a little simpler, sugar shine is often the best option. 

Sugar shine is made from sugar, water and yeast. One gallon cost about $5 to make and it is the perfect option to use for flavored shine. The reason that we recommend sugar shine for flavoring is because it does not produce the best tasting or quality shine. However, you won’t taste it once it is flavored. 



The Right Equipment for the Job


Making sugar shine can be run in any still. However, this simple recipe often does best in our air still. The reason for this is because this recipe does not require fractioning and therefore the air still is the perfect option. Just toss the heads and you are ready to go. 



best whiskey copper moonshine still



The Mist 1 Gallon Air Still is our easiest to use still. Its plug and play design means that this still works at the press of a button. It is about the size of an electric kettle and just as easy to use. The Mist does not require any external water or pumps to cool down its contents thanks to its built-in internal fan.