Brown Sugar Moonshine Recipe

Brown Sugar Moonshine Recipe

Those who want an easy way to make a delicious rum or sweet moonshine will love this brown sugar moonshine recipe. 

We often suggest for those new to moonshining to start their journey with a simple sugar shine recipe. The reason for this is simple. Sugar shine is an easy way to get your feet wet, learn about fermentation and distilling with fewer and less complicated steps. 

Making sugar shine is less complicated than grain-based mash simply because it does not require any type of mash conversion. Instead, you simply need to dissolve your sugar in water and then add yeast. You avoid the time and mess that is involved with using grain. 

Sugar shine is made with easy to source ingredients. You can usually find everything you need in your kitchen cupboard. 



Once you have conquered the sugar shine, you may be looking for your next challenge. Mixing up the ingredients a bit to achieve different results is a pillar to becoming a moonshiner. If you are ready for the next challenge but want a small jump rather than a leap, you can try making rum by using brown sugar. 

What is the Difference Between Brown Sugar and White Sugar in Moonshine? 


What is the difference between brown sugar and white sugar?

For many moonshiners, the type of sugar used in their shine comes down to two things: cost and taste. The cost difference between white sugar and brown sugar varies around the globe, often with one far more expensive than the other. Considering sugar is the main ingredient in sugar shine, the cost can often dictate the type of sugar used. 

In addition to cost, taste and personal preference often also plays a large role.


Brown sugar can be less processed than white sugar as it is produced by removing a brown syrup called molasses. However, it can also be produced by adding molasses to white sugar. 

Some inaccurately believe that brown sugar is better for you than white. In truth, the amount of health benefits of brown sugar over white is so minuscule this is not really true.


One thing that you should pay attention to when using brown sugar in your moonshine is the color of the sugar. There is ‘light’ brown sugar, regular brown sugar, and ‘dark’ brown sugar.

These names simply refer to the amount of molasses included in the brown sugar. For this recipe, we use dark brown sugar. The higher molasses content of dark brown sugar makes it ideal as a shine base for rum. 

Traditionally, molasses is used as a base for rum recipes. However, the high molasses content in dark brown sugar makes it an ideal substitute. 

The Right Equipment for the Job


Distilling moonshine does not have to be complicated, especially if you have the Moonshine Cherry Air Still.

Traditionally moonshining has been a complicated process producing large amounts of spirits.

However, times have changed. Most people don’t need a large amount of moonshine for their personal use and don’t want to store and use large or complicated equipment. Our answer for the modern moonshiner is the Moonshine Cherry Air Still.


The Moonshine Cherry Air Still air still is about the size of your kitchen kettle and just as easy to use. While traditional stills require water, pumps, and lots of attention, the Cherry features a plug-and-play design. You simply turn the still on and get ready to collect your moonshine. 



The Cherry is able to produce about a gallon of spirit in about two hours. This means you will be able to make plenty of moonshine for personal use without having to worry about storing large amounts of equipment or excess spirits.

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