Delicious Cherry Moonshine Recipe

Delicious Cherry Moonshine Recipe

Get a delicious spirit with just the right kick with our cherry moonshine recipe. 

Sometimes life really is just a bowl of cherries. This is certainly the case when you discover cherry moonshine. This delicious combination of your favorite fruit with the kick of moonshine to get a delicious spirit that is the perfect treat all year round. 

When many hear the term ‘cherry moonshine recipe’ the first thing that often comes to mind is a fruit-based mash fermented into moonshine. While this is certainly a possibility, there is a simpler way to combine the taste of cherries with the kick of moonshine.

A New Take on a Traditional Pastime 




Moonshine is certainly not a new pastime. In fact, the craft of moonshining started in the United States well before the United States was even a country. The act of fermenting both food and drink was not a new concept when pioneers first come over to what is now known as the United States. 

Farmers, especially those in grain producing states, would ferment their excess grain rather than see it go to waste. They soon discovered that their corn was worth far more once it was fermented and distilled into whiskey. (Chances are the farmers also enjoyed this product more than corn!) 

How do you Make Moonshine? 


Making moonshine is a simple three part process. You need to create fermentable sugars, ferment them into alcohol and then distill the alcohol. The first step of the moonshine process requires making fermentable sugars. Often this was achieved by heating grain and converting it into sugar. However, moonshine is also often made with a fruit mash. 


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For some people (the author of this recipe for example) making a fruit mash seems like too much work. It can also be really expensive. While you can sometimes score a deal with a farmer that has an excess of overripe fruit, it is often a large investment in ingredients upfront. 

If you want an easier way to make delicious cherry-flavored moonshine, you can simply infuse your already made shine with flavor. While this recipe is specifically for cherries, we have similar recipes listed on our site for strawberry, blackberry and blueberry flavored shine. 

However, one of the bonuses of making cherry flavored moonshine is that you can actually eat the cherries after they are infused for an added pop of flavor and punch of moonshine. It’s an added bonus you don’t always get with other fruit infusions. 


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How to Make Cherry Moonshine


The base of this recipe is moonshine. You can use a traditional grain moonshine. However, many tend to like to keep that moonshine for sippin’.

Instead, it is popular to use a simple sugar shine as a base when you plan on infusing your moonshine with flavor. The ingredients are cheap, the process is simple and it doesn’t use your expensive sippin’ shine. 

For this recipe, we would suggest using our sugar shine recipe as the base. Of course, you can also use vodka as a substitute if you aren’t ready to make your first batch of moonshine. Check out our video on how to make sugar shine below. 



The Best Equipment for the Job


With a simpler recipe for shine we also love to use our easiest still: The Moonshine Cherry Air Still. We love to use the Cherry because this tiny still packs a great punch. It only takes up about the same amount of room as the kitchen kettle and is just as easy to use.


The  Moonshine Cherry Air Still has a plug and play design means this still does NOT require a water pump. 

That’s right. You don’t have to worry about hooking up water lines and running a pump to make moonshine. This little gem works on its own at just the press of a button. It is a great option for the cottage, boat, trailer or even the first time ‘shiner.