Delicous Moonshine Whipped Cream

Delicous Moonshine Whipped Cream

Whip cream is truly a perfect food. It’s light and airy. It’s sweet and melts on your tongue. Of course, making your own homemade whipped cream is taking it to a whole new level. You may think there is no way to top that perfection. 

And then we add moonshine. That’s right. We are going to show you how to make moonshine whipped cream. 

Nothing takes a dish to a higher level quite like whipped cream. It makes pies better, pairs perfectly with fruit and is even a sweet addition to your favorite hot chocolate or spiked coffee. 

So it goes without saying that adding moonshine to this great addition makes a perfect pairing. The velvety sweetness mixed in with the kick of moonshine takes any dish from good to hella good. 


Try our pumpkin pie moonshine for the perfect pairing! 

Are you ready to take your desserts and drink to the next level? You have come to the right place! 

How to Make Moonshine 

Making moonshine is not an overly complex process, but it does take time and the right equipment. 

The good news is that when you make moonshine, you generally make a large batch all at once. This means that the payoff is great even if the process takes a little time. 

Choosing the Right Moonshine Recipe



One of the great things about making moonshine is that there is so much versatility. You can choose to make moonshine out of a variety of different ingredients from grains, fruits and even plain sugar. 

One of the things to consider when choosing which recipe to use when making your moonshine is whether you will be making your moonshine for sippin’ or if you will be flavoring your moonshine or using it in cocktails. 

The reason to consider this is simple. In general, recipes that use more expensive ingredients are designed to be enjoyed alone and recipes that use simple ingredients are better for flavoring or for using in recipes. 

Of course, if you have made a huge batch of moonshine it can be used for both. 

Making a Moonshine Mash



The first step of making moonshine is making a mash. Making a mash is essentially blending all the ingredients together that you will make your moonshine out of. 

This process will vary depending on the ingredients used for your mash. If you are making your moonshine out of grain, which is quite popular, you will need to cook your ingredients. This step is important in grain-based moonshine recipes in order for the grain enzymes to convert into fermentable sugar. Without this step, your next step will not be successful. 

When you are making a fruit mash there is no need to cook the ingredients as fruit is already full of natural sugars. Instead, you will need to prepare the fruit for fermentation. This could mean coring the fruit and removing seeds or simply cutting the fruit up to release the flavor. 

Sugar shine is the simplest recipe for making moonshine. All you need is sugar, water and yeast. Preparing this mash is also super simple. All you need to do is gently dissolve your sugar into warm water. 

Fermenting your Mash


The next step in preparing your moonshine is to ferment your mash. Fermentation is the process in which fermentable sugars are turned into ethanol by yeast. 

This step is certainly the easiest but also requires the most patience. When fermenting you will require a large fermentation vessel with an airtight lid and an airlock. All of these elements are essential in order for fermentation to be successful. 

Unfortunately, fermentation buckets can be quite expensive. This is why many moonshiners choose to buy moonshine still kits that include both a fermenter and a still. By combining these two pieces of equipment you can save both money and storage space. 



The Copperhead All-in-One Still Kit is a great example of a still that does double duty. The stainless steel barrel of the Copperhead can be used as both a still and a fermentor. This means less to buy and less to store. 



The Copperhead also features its signature copper coils. Copper is an important element in moonshining because it helps to neutralize any sulphur in your shine. This means better tasting results without any effort. 

Running your Moonshine Still


Fermentation may take up to 14 days. You will also need to aerate and clear your mash. Once your mash is fully prepped it is time to run your still. 


Running a moonshine still for the first time can seem intimidating, but it really is a straightforward process.


Running your still will require you to pay close attention to safety. While making moonshine does carry some safety risks, these are easily regulated by putting some simple safety measures in place. 

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One of the most important elements of running a still is temperature. When using a pot still, such as the Copperhead, you are essentially heating up your mash in order to removing the ethanol from the water. As alcohol has a lower boiling point than water, you are simply heating your mash until the ethanol is boiled and then cooled back into a liquid. 

Using an Air Still to Make Moonshine


Another option for making moonshine is to use an air still. The Mist 1 Gallon Air Still is perfect for those who are looking for a simple option for distilling their moonshine. 

The Mist is about the size of a kitchen kettle and just as easy to use. The plug and play design means that you can make your moonshine at the press of a button. This is perfect for those who want to easily distill sugar shine for a simple spirit. 

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