Fun and Easy Moonshine Dill Pickles

Fun and Easy Moonshine Dill Pickles

Moonshine pickles add a great flavor to many cocktails and a hint of fun to any snack or meal. 

With so many sweet moonshine options, we thought adding a savory infusion was long overdue. With the success of our atomic cherries, we knew we just had to try making moonshine pickles! 

What are Moonshine Pickles? 


Moonshine pickles


Moonshine pickles are pickles that are infused with moonshine which can be enjoyed on their own, but also create dill pickle flavored moonshine to enjoy. 


While many moonshine recipe infusions strain away all the solids, this one leaves behind the fun for a great pop of moonshine flavor to your favorite meals or snacks.


It is a great way to spice up your plate and your cocktail shaker. 

Now making pickles may seem intimidating. All that boiling and jarring and seasoning is a big undertaking. That is why we decided to create a simple recipe that really anyone would be able to tackle fairly easily with minimal ingredients. 

The Most Important Ingredient in Moonshine Pickles 


 best cucumbers for moonshine pickles


The most important ingredient in any moonshine recipe is always cleanliness. It is extremely important to start with clean cooking tools, especially the 32 oz mason jar. Either boil the jar or run it through a dishwasher to make sure it is completely clean and sterilized. 

Another important factor is the type of cucumber used. Of course, you may think that all cucumbers are made the same when it comes to pickles. However, this is simply untrue.

While you can use the regular variety of English cucumbers or hot house cucumbers, they will not produce the best results. 

For best results, you want to choose a short, thin skinned cucumber which is ideal for producing crunchy pickles. We would recommend the variety called Boston Pickling. This variety of cucumber dates back to the 1800’s and grows between three and six inches. 

Once you have your cucumbers, it is important to cut off the blossoming end of the cucumber. If you look at the cucumber you will notice a little stem. The blossoming end will be the end WITHOUT the stem. However, if you are unsure you can just cut off both ends. 

If you are using a typical large cucumber like the English or Hot House variety the first step is to peel the cucumber and then cut it into small slices. However, if you are using a smaller variety you can choose to cut your cucumber into long thin slices that would be ideal for putting on sandwiches or burgers. 


The Right Equipment for the Job



The next most important ingredient is obviously your moonshine. In order to make a good quality moonshine, you need to have a good quality still. Check out our premium all-in-one pot still- The Magnum. 

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The Magnum makes a complex and delicious shine, but is still easy to assemble and run. Not only is it a great still option, but it also acts as a fermentor saving you both money and valuable storage space. 

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