How to Make Moonshine Eggnog for the Holidays

How to Make Moonshine Eggnog for the Holidays

Enjoy this tasty moonshine eggnog recipe at your next holiday party!


Is there anything that quite says Christmas like eggnog? Love it or hate it, once you see this creamy drink hit supermarket shelves, you know that the holidays have officially hit.


After all, it can't only be us that equates Christmas time with watching Clarke Griswold have passive-aggressive holiday conversations with cousin Eddie as he slurps eggnog from the iconic reindeer glasses.


So love it or hate it, eggnog is a pretty big Christmas tradition. But, have you ever tried it with moonshine?


There is nothing like a little holiday spirit to make those long holiday dinners a little more bearable.


And bringing moonshine with you is guaranteed to make you the hit of every party.

Moonshine Eggnog: the Hit of Every Party




Moonshine eggnog is a delicious, alcoholic beverage that you can make with your friends. If you are looking for an eggnog recipe that will be sure to please all of your guests, then this is it!


Moonshine egg nog is easy to make and tastes great so what are you waiting for? Get out there and start making some delicious eggnog!

Why do we Drink Eggnog?




Eggnog is a recipe that has been around for centuries. Its origins are in England, where eggnog was traditionally served at the end of meals to help aid digestion.

The egg yolk in eggnog helps digest fat and protein, while the alcohol content allows you to feel full faster. As Christmas approaches, it is fun to know how this tradition came about.

Just a little note here, could you imagine drinking eggnog year-round? At least with this little tidbit of eggnog history will be a fun anecdote at your next holiday party.

A Christmas Treat



Eggnog actually first became associated with the holidays when it became popular in the United States around the 1700s. This makes sense since farmers had a lot of cows and chickens, so the two main ingredients-milk and eggs-were easily available. Of course, rum was also a very important addition!

Think you Don't Like Eggnog? Think Again!




 Many eggnog aficionados swear that anyone who thinks they don't like eggnog just needs to try the homemade variety. With the FDA regulations allowing as little as 1% egg yolk and high sugar content, there can be great variations in taste from the supermarket to the homemade variety.

Using Egg Whites Safely



Traditional eggnog recipes do call for beaten egg whites to be added to the recipe. If you are uncomfortable with raw eggs, you can either use pasteurized eggs or simply rewarm your eggnog mixture to 160°F and let the mixture cool again.


What Type of Moonshine Should I Add to my Moonshine Eggnog?




There are many different types of moonshine to choose from, so this is really up to your personal preference. You can also experiment with two or more kinds for an eggnog cocktail that will really get the party started!

We suggest using a mixture of traditional moonshine, rum or bourbon, and brandy. However, amaretto can also add a delicious kick to eggnog!


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How Long Can I Keep My Moonshine in the Fridge?



This eggnog recipe gets better and better so it makes sense to prepare it a few days in advance of any holiday party. This is because the alcohol in the recipe acts as a preservative. Of course, as this recipe contains milk and cream, it will only stay for about a week.


Sip With Caution



The holidays tend to be synonymous with parties and overindulgence. Of course, when it comes to moonshine this can happen faster and easier.

As the recipe maker, you are responsible to make sure anyone who indulges in your recipe knows its strength before they sip. While you may be able to enjoy a few glasses of other eggnog recipes, one drink of this recipe could knock you on your butt. 

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