Moonshine Hot Toddy Recipe

Moonshine Hot Toddy Recipe

With the winter chill fully upon us, many find ourselves battling a constant cycle of colds and flu. Battle those nasty viruses with delicious moonshine using our hot toddy recipe. 



With a winter chill in the air, many of us are choosing to spend more time indoors and chances are, all that close proximity is leading to lots of colds and flu.


With the shortage of medicine available on the shelves, why not mix up the perfect winter warm up-a hot toddy? 

When you are feeling under the weather the main thing you want is sleep, but this is not always easy to come by. Unlike using an over the counter medicine, a hot toddy is a much more natural approach to tackling your symptoms. 

A hot toddy may be the perfect ‘cure’ for your cold and flu symptoms. This is because its core ingredients-warm water, honey, lemon and liquor offer many benefits for your body. 

What is a Hot Toddy? 




Traditionally, a hot toddy consists of whiskey, lemon, hot water and honey. A hot toddy has been used for generations as an remedy to assist with the symptoms of a common cold or flu. 

Sipping a hot toddy before bed when you are feeling sick is a traditional way to tackle your cold and flu symptoms using natural ingredients. 

Will Moonshine Help a Cold?



While many may assume a hot toddy is more a of placebo effect (you believe the drink will help so it does) this is not actually true. In fact, there is some science to back up the effectiveness of this drink. 

The alcohol in a hot toddy is a great decongestant. This is because it dilates the blood vessels which makes it easier for your mucus membranes to deal with the infection. 

Will Moonshine Help a Sore Throat?




In addition, the hot water can help with congestion. A 2018 study found that drinking a warm beverage before bed can improve cold and flu symptoms such as congestion and a sore throat.


Additionally, lemon contains vitamin A which has been shown to shorten the duration of a cold

Finally, the moonshine will help to relax and induce drowsiness to help you get the rest you need in order to recuperate. 

So now that we know all the benefits of drinking a hot toddy, how do we make them? Fortunately, the recipe is simple and even better, it features moonshine! 

How to Make Moonshine



Making your own moonshine is a fun and easy way to make delicious spirits from the comfort of home. 

Making moonshine is not a quick or simple process, but it is a rewarding one. One of the best parts about making moonshine as a hobby is that making moonshine is that you really can make it as simple or complicated as you would like. 

Making moonshine can be as simple as combining sugar, water and yeast and allowing it to ferment. This makes what is known as ‘sugar shine’. A simple combination which will yield a neutral spirit similar in flavor and ABV to vodka. 

The best thing about making sugar shine is the ability to flavor it to your liking. This ability to transform into your favorite flavors make it a great addition to any and every cocktail. 

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Our Moonshine Cherry is a great option for making delicious spirits at home. This compact still is about the size of your kitchen kettle and just as easy to use.


The Moonshine Cherry uses a plug and play technology that lets you set your temperature and start shining at the press of a button. It couldn’t be any easier! 

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