Get the Party Started with These Easy Moonshine Jello Shot Recipes

Get the Party Started with These Easy Moonshine Jello Shot Recipes

Get the Party Started with These Easy and Fun Jello Shot Recipes. Moonshine Jello Shots are the perfect drink for your next celebration.


Are you tired of the same old boring drinks at your parties? Want to add a fun and colorful twist to your next gathering? Look no further than moonshine jello shots!

These delicious and easy-to-make treats are a guaranteed hit with party-goers. With so many different flavor and color options available, the possibilities are endless.


Whether you're hosting a birthday bash, a backyard BBQ, or a holiday celebration, moonshine jello shots are the perfect addition to any party menu.


So let's get the party started with these easy and fun jello shot recipes that are sure to impress your guests and make your gathering unforgettable.

In addition to the multiple customization options, moonshine jello shots are also easy to prepare, fairly inexpensive and a fun throwback to a favorite childhood dessert. 


Benefits of Serving Jello Shots at Parties



Moonshine Jello shots are a fun and easy way to add some excitement to any party or gathering. They are a great conversation starter and can be customized to fit any theme or occasion.

Here are a few benefits of serving jello shots at your next party:

1. Easy to make - Jello shots are incredibly easy to make with just a few simple ingredients. All you need is some flavored gelatin, boiling water, and of course, moonshine. 

2. Customizable - Jello shots can be customized to fit any theme or occasion. You can choose from a variety of different flavors and colors to match the theme of your party.

3. Fun and colorful - Jello shots are a fun and colorful addition to any party. They are sure to be a hit with party-goers.

4. Portability - Jello shots are easy to transport and serve. You can make them ahead of time and store them in the refrigerator until you're ready to serve them.

How to make Moonshine Jello Shots




Jello shots are easy to make and fairly quick to prepare. Most of the time spent in making jello shots is simply waiting for the gelatin to set. 

This simple recipe calls for only four ingredients: boiling water, cold water
flavoured gelatin powder and moonshine. The proper ratio of boiling water and cold water (or moonshine) is what helps to ensure your jello shots set properly.

This recipe uses pre-packaged flavoured gelatin such as Jell-O to really simplify the process. You can choose any brand or flavour to make these shooters, just be sure to read the instructions so that the ratio of powder to liquid is the same. (This recipe uses 3-ounce packages that call for one cup of boiling water and one cup of cold water).

Jello Shot Accessories and Supplies



If you're planning on making jello shots for your party, there are a few accessories and supplies that can make the process easier:

1. Shot glasses or plastic cups - These are the perfect size for jello shots and make serving and storage easy.

2. Mixing bowls - Use large mixing bowls to mix the gelatin and water together.

3. Measuring cups - Be sure to measure your ingredients accurately for the best results.

4. Syringes - If you want to serve your jello shots in syringes, you'll need to purchase these separately.

How Much Moonshine Should I Add?




It’s important to follow the ratios listed in the recipe or your jello shots might not set right. Adding too much alcohol will create too much liquid for the gelatin to firm up and you won’t be able to achieve the jiggly consistency you’re used to.


The idea is to replace half of the cold water in the gelatin’s recipe with alcohol. If the box calls for one cup of boiling water and one cup of cold water, you should use one cup of boiling water, half a cup of cold water and half a cup of moonshine.


The flavour of the shooters can come from both the pre-packaged gelatin you use and the moonshine you choose.


Moonshine is a great choice to use for mixing your jello shots since you can decide what flavour of moonshine to make to really customize your shooter. 


Different flavours of Moonshine combined with the taste of the gelatin mix can help to recreate some of your favourite mixed drinks or beverage flavours.

Some popular combinations include:

Peach Moonshine with orange gelatin for a tropical flavor.

Strawberry Moonshine with watermelon gelatin for a melon berry flavor.

Blueberry Moonshine with cherry gelatin for a delicious Mixed Berry flavour.

You can also match the colour of gelatin with the holiday or theme of your celebration.


Using lime and cherry gelatin make great moonshine jello shots for Christmas parties.

Orange gelatin works for Halloween and peach and pineapple gelatin are great colour options for shooters at your fall celebrations such as Thanksgiving.

Tips and Tricks for making your Moonshine Jello Shots




Place your shot cups on a baking sheet prior to filling. This will make carrying the shots to and from the fridge much easier, especially if you’re making a large amount.

Jello shots need to be stored in the fridge or they will start to liquify. These shooters will taste best if served within 3 to 5 days, but they should last for up to two weeks in the fridge.

The texture of the shooters will change when they are past their prime.

How Do I Keep Jello Shots From Sticking?



Part of the fun of jello shots is squeezing the jello into your mouth in one shot, however if you don’t prepare the cups, your shots might stick to the cup.

To prevent them from sticking, you can spray each cup with cooking spray before pouring the liquid in, this will help your shots slide out of the cup more easily.

Also, look to use cups that have more flexibility to bend and help squeeze the shot out.


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Safety Considerations When Serving Jello Shots



While jello shots are a fun addition to any party, it's important to remember that they do contain alcohol. Here are a few safety considerations to keep in mind:

1. Drink responsibly - Be sure to remind your guests to drink responsibly and to not overindulge.

2. Label your jello shots - If you're making jello shots with different types of alcohol, be sure to label them so that your guests know what they're drinking.

3. Keep them away from children - Jello shots can be mistaken for regular jello, so be sure to keep them out of reach of children.

4. Don't serve them to anyone who is underage or pregnant - It's important to follow the laws and regulations in your area regarding the consumption of alcohol.


When Will I Know if I Had too Many Moonshine Jello Shots?




Jello shots have less alcohol in them than a standard shot of alcohol. Typically, three to four jello shots will have the same effect as one shot of straight alcohol.


With moonshine potentially having a higher alcohol content your moonshine Jello shots may be stronger than most jello shots but will still have less effect than straight alcohol.


Most alcohol will affect you approximately 15 to 30 minutes after consumption, so you should expect to feel the same after enjoying your moonshine jello shots.


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