Pimp Your Homebrew: How to Make Candy Cane Moonshine

Pimp Your Homebrew: How to Make Candy Cane Moonshine

The candy cane moonshine recipe is surprisingly easy to make and tastes delicious. This is a great drink for winter parties, Christmas celebrations, or even New Year's Eve! The best part about the candy cane moonshine recipe? It is a simple recipe that packs quite a punch!


If you want to make your own candy cane moonshine, the first thing that you need is candy. You don't just have any old type of candy either; it's got to be candy canes! Of course, you also need moonshine. Whether you want to flavor a traditional corn moonshine or a simple sugar shine, the results will be delicious and potent.

Speaking of potency, it is a good idea to prepare your guests before serving.


Those who are not used to high ABV liquor should definitely take it easy. No matter what your experience, moonshine is a drink to be sipped. Otherwise, its effects can sneak up on you fast. Not a great look for anyone or a fun problem when you are trying to host a holiday celebration.


In addition to preparing your guests for the potency of your candy cane moonshine, you need to decide how you want to serve it. Peppermint candy canes are a great holiday flavor on their own, but also a great compliment in many of your favorite cocktails.


A good rule of thumb is to use peppermint candy cane moonshine in place of peppermint schnapps or Creme de Minthe in any cocktail recipe.


With this in mind, peppermint candy cane moonshine is a great addition to warm up your holiday hot chocolate or go one step further and mix it with our sinful dark chocolate moonshine for a delicious chocolate mint cocktail. Of course, crushed candy canes on the rim of your glass will add a beautiful and festive touch.

How to Make Simple Syrup



Simple syrup is a staple in flavored moonshine recipes. While you may not be familiar with simple syrup, the name really gives it away-it couldn't be any easier.


Making a simple syrup is as easy as combining equal parts sugar and boiling water until the mixture dissolves into a syrup.


One of the nice things about simple syrup is that you can customize your syrup to your tastes. If you want a less sweet syrup, try changing your ratios to one-third sugar and two-thirds water. If you want a richer syrup, use one-third water and two-thirds syrup.

Is Peppermint Extract Necessary?


While not as important of an ingredient as the candy canes or white whiskey, adding peppermint extract will really bump up the flavor of your moonshine. It is an inexpensive addition and packs a delicious punch.

Is Candy Cane Moonshine the Perfect Gift?




Candy cane moonshine is the perfect holiday gift because it tastes delicious and packs a punch.

It's like candy canes but in adult beverage form! You don't need to be an experienced bartender or have access to specialized equipment for this recipe either. If you want to make candy cane moonshine for yourself or others as gifts, all you really need are candy canes and some good-quality white whiskey.

Whether you're looking for something new that your friends will love when they come over during winter break or just trying to think up great Christmas presents, candy cane moonshine fits the bill perfectly.