Pink Panty Dropper Recipe

Pink Panty Dropper Recipe

Stay cool and have fun with the pink panty dropper recipe that packs a punch!


One of the best parts about making your own moonshine is the ability to share the wealth with your friends and family. While moonshine makes a great gift, it makes an even better cocktail.


A pink panty dropper, also known as a stop and go naked punch, is a drink with a serious kick. Anytime you are drinking moonshine you know you need to go easy. With its sweet flavour and carbonated base, this punch can be a recipe for disaster if you overindulge.


Of course, one of the biggest benefits of this recipe is that you really only need one drink to get in party mode. It can serve a huge amount of people for relatively cheap.


It is the perfect punch to put together for large get-togethers where everyone wants to have a good time and enjoy a delicious cocktail.


Another winning feature of this recipe is that it makes a ton of punch. Five gallons to be exact. Most people would have a hard time even finding a vessel to hold that much punch, let alone enough people to drink it. Fortunately, it is simple to half this recipe to make the yields smaller and the amount more manageable.


The Perfect Punch Recipe


This is also a pretty drink which will please all of those party animals who want something sweet and pretty, but also contains a large amount of beer which will appeal to those who want something ‘manly’. Of course the addition of moonshine means that it will be strong. It is important that this drink comes with a warning to all who consume it: it will certainly pack a punch!


Choosing your beer


beer for pink panty dropper recipe 

The Pink Panty Dropper may sound like a fruity cocktail (which it is) but it also contains a large amount of beer. Many bartenders will choose a cheap beer for this recipe (because you can) but it is also important to choose a watery beer.


By choosing a milder beer with less flavor, you can ensure that the beer will not overpower the taste of the punch. We suggest using a beer like Bud Light, or something similar.


While this recipe calls for 24 beers, it really makes a lot of punch. Plus with the addition of moonshine this punch will be strong. Most people will not be having multiple servings. This will yield a lot of punch.


Choosing your moonshine


moonshine for pink panty dropper recipe


When using moonshine in a cocktail such as this the quality of the moonshine is not as important. Since no one is going to be sipping this ‘white lightening’ straight you don’t want to go for your best blend. This could be a good opportunity to use a simple sugar shine.

Instead, look to make sure that your moonshine is not too strong. Your guests will likely enjoy the cocktail much better (and get less of a kick) if you use diluted moonshine that is not too strong. In cocktails it is much harder to taste the alcohol and therefore your guests may be much more likely to overindulge.


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