Spicy Jalapeno Moonshine

jalapeno moonshine in a glass

Homemade moonshine is known for its legendary kick and burn. Why not take it up a notch with our homemade jalapeno moonshine? 

One of the best things about making moonshine is the wide range of recipes and cocktails that you can make with it. Long gone are the days when people were too ‘chicken’ to sample this ‘white lightning’. Today moonshine is more popular than ever and you can have it almost any way you want. 

Moonshine is known for its trademark high alcohol content. Many want to try moonshine because it really will knock you on your butt if you are not careful. However, with such a high alcohol content comes a neutral spirit that is perfect for flavoring. 

While most flavored moonshine tends to favor the sweet side of life, this jalapeno moonshine recipe is spicy and perfect for savory cocktails like a bloody mary or bloody caesar. If you prefer savory or spicy to sweet, check out our moonshine pickles recipe. 


Flavoring moonshine is a great way to make it appeal to a variety of spirit enthusiasts. However, it does make it harder to realize just how much alcohol you are consuming. Be sure to advise anyone you serve that there is moonshine in the cocktails and have them consume their drinks accordingly. 


How to Make Jalapeno Moonshine


One of the best things about moonshine is the variety of recipes and methods you can use to make it. While for many flavored recipes we suggest starting with a sugar shine recipe for the base. It does not produce full strength moonshine. In fact, after two runs you will likely end up with about 40% proof, similar to a vodka. 

However, it seems with a recipe called jalapeno moonshine, you might want to go full force. For more bang for your buck (or sip) you could always go with a traditional corn moonshine recipe to get a much stronger shine to flavor. 

Here are some great corn recipe options to produce strong shine perfect for this recipe. 


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How Do You Make Jalapeno Moonshine at Home? 


Make moonshine

Making moonshine at home is a three-part process. You need to first make a mash. This process usually takes a few hours as you will need to convert your starches into fermentable sugars by cooking them at a high heat. 

The second process is even longer. This is the fermenting process. Once your mash has cooled to room temperature you will add yeast, agitate and then you have to wait for the fermentation process to take place. 


How to Ferment Jalapeno Moonshine


How to Ferment your moonshine

The fermentation process is when the yeast in your mash will consume the fermentable sugars and turn them into ethanol. This process will release carbon dioxide. Much like how the bubbles in soda will rise to the top of the glass, so will the bubbles in your mash. 

For this reason, it is important to use an airlock in your fermentation vessel. The airlock will allow the carbon dioxide to be released but still prevent any outside contaminants from entering the mash. 

The airlock will also give an indication when the fermentation process is complete. The length of time your mash will take to ferment will vary based on both the recipe you use as well as the type of yeast. 


In general, it can take about two weeks for fermentation to be complete. However, you can also check for when the activity in your airlock stops. If there has been no activity in your airlock for two days, you are ready to run. 


Running Your Moonshine Still 


Running your still is the highlight of the moonshining process. While most find this step the most fun, it will take a few runs for you to feel comfortable. This is because running a traditional still requires paying close attention to temperature. 

Moonshine is normally stored in glass jars, usually mason jars. These are ideal for fractionating your moonshine when it comes out of your still because not everything that comes out of your moonshine run will be fit for consumption. 

Using mason jars to store your moonshine makes it easy to turn a large run into many different flavors. One good run can fill your entire home bar with specialty flavored shine. 


Check out our complete guide on How to Make Moonshine


The Best Equipment for the Job


When it comes to our Magnum still, bigger really is better. Our The Magnum All-in-One Copper Coil Still Kit features a 50 liter kettle and dual vapor towers. This means you can run larger recipes and produce stronger shine with each run. 

The Magnum's copper coil neutralizes the sulphur in your moonshine for better tasting shine every time. 

 The Magnum is able to be used as both a fermentor and a still. This means less to buy and less to store. It is the ideal moonshine still kit for those who want to take their moonshining to the next level. 




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