Strawberry Moonshine Recipe

strawberry moonshine recipe

Capture the sweet taste of summer in a glass with our strawberry moonshine recipe. 


There is just something special about making your own moonshine. Not only is it fresh, but you also have a sense of accomplishment when you know you made the delicious drink yourself.

Making moonshine isn’t that tough if you know what you are doing or are good at following instructions. You can find numerous different recipes online to work with and help perfect your moonshine. 

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1. Use fresh strawberries

When it comes to using fruit in any type of drink, it is important that you get fresh fruit. You may think that using slightly old fruit will not hinder the taste much, but boy would you be wrong. Fresh fruit provide an added punch to the taste that really gets your taste buds going. If you don’t believe us then try making moonshine with older strawberries and then with fresh ones and compare.

2. Let the moonshine “age”

Well not actually age, but when you have the moonshine ready you should let it sit for roughly two weeks. It is usually recommended that you refrigerate the moonshine for that period which really allows the flavor to develop. This is the case with most any type of moonshine you make, while some can be stored at room temperature, refrigerating them for this period is usually a better option.

3. Use lemon juice in the mixture

Many people probably think that a strawberry moonshine will just have strawberries in it. However, adding lemon juice to the moonshine will give the flavor a little added kick. The lemon flavor blends well with the strawberry flavor which just enhances the overall flavor. You want to make sure you don’t overpower the strawberries with adding too much lemon juice. So for every pint of strawberry puree you add, add 2 cups of lemon juice.

4. Use strawberry puree

It’s obvious that you aren’t going to be using full strawberries in a moonshine. You want to blend the strawberries into a complete puree. Make sure the puree is not chunky and completely blended.

5. Remove all pulp

When you pour your moonshine into a mason jar to store it, you want to make sure to remove all the pulp from it. The pulp actually distorts the taste of the moonshine, especially since you will be refrigerating it for 2 weeks. To remove the pulp, all you have to do is use a strainer.

6. Use a mason jar to store the moonshine

The importance of the use of mason jar to store the moonshine cannot be emphasized enough. The mason jar allows the moonshine to fully develop its flavor as it is stored since it allows both heat and the cool elements pass into and out of the moonshine as it is stored.


How to Make Moonshine




Making moonshine is a great way to create delicious spirits from the comforts of home. 

Making moonshine can be complicated, but it doesn't need to be! Take our sugar shine recipe for instance. You can make moonshine with nothing more than sugar, yeast and water. 

Sugar shine is the perfect moonshine for flavoring and a great option for those new to making moonshine. 


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