Our Favorite Strawberry Lemonade Moonshine

Our Favorite Strawberry Lemonade Moonshine


Looking for the perfect recipe to pep up your outdoor party? Try our favorite strawberry lemonade moonshine recipe! 
If you like your sips how you like your summer — long, sweet, full of fruit, and livened up with some delicious alcohol — this is the strawberry lemonade recipe for you!
This recipe is a go-to when you have company over in the backyard and you want to offer a sweet, refreshing moonshine to pair with the fresh air.
Strawberry puree, fresh lemon juice, and crisp moonshine combine in a drink perfectly made for sharing with friends at a bonfire party or BBQ. 

If you have friends who are picky about the drinks at parties — vodka is too harsh, rum is too strong, water is too watery — just set up a big jar of this lovely concoction at the drinks table, and let the good times roll. 
Easy to make and even easier to drink, this adult juice recipe is sure to please at your next get-together. 

strawberry lemonade moonshine


Drinkers who enjoy something easy always go for this berry twist on the popular Lemon Drop Moonshine recipe. 


Friends of ours who don’t normally drink moonshine usually pour themselves another one!


The natural sugar from the berries and the tang from the lemon goes perfectly with the crisp, clear notes of the moonshine — no matter your tastes, there’s something for everyone in this refreshing lemonade recipe.

The ingredients are easy — fresh fruit, sugar, water, and moonshine. That’s it.


strawberry lemonade


This explosion of flavour just takes some strawberries, fresh lemon juice, sugar, water, and everclear — even better if it’s fresh moonshine you made yourself! It takes only a few minutes to whip up a large batch, and thanks to the sugar and alcohol content, it keeps for absolutely ages.

Save a bit of summer in smooth, super drinkable moonshine form.


One great thing about this recipe — if you don’t finish it off at your party, it sits great for months. In fact, the flavour just gets better and better over time. 
Screw on the jar lids tight, and it’ll still be good up to 2 years later. I like to split it up over several mason jars, so I can bring it out as needed when I have people over. Once you crack a jar open, keep it in the fridge for up to 6 months. 

Throughout the winter, having a batch of berry lemon moonshine stocked away will help you make it to spring. 


It’s tough to get your fruit in over the winter months — this recipe definitely has tons of fruit, so it’s got to have vitamins, antioxidants, and all that kind of thing in it, right?

We are waiting for the dietitians to get back to us on that one. In the meantime, this recipe is ideal for some long-lasting fresh, juicy refreshment that’ll put some summer back in your soul.


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Try out this delightful recipe at your next bonfire or backyard get-together. Your friends and family will love it. Don’t worry if it’s fall, and the days are getting darker, and summer feels way, way too far away. Lay out a few pitchers of this strawberry lemonade moonshine, and it’s like the sun is out again.

A word to the wise — it’s sweet, delicious, and easy-drinking, but it’s a good idea to sip it slowly. Under all that delicious fruit there’s plenty of alcohol content that packs quite a punch.