The Best Pumpkin Pie Moonshine Recipe

The Best Pumpkin Pie Moonshine Recipe

Pumpkin Pie Moonshine

We all know the moment labor day hits, most of America is ready to shed the summer in favor of sweaters, bonfires, cooler days and of course, pumpkin spice everything. 

With the seasons just about ready to change we got to thinking, could we make pumpkin pie moonshine? 

It turns out not only we could, but you should as well. This delicious taste of fall in a glass is the perfect way to end any fall or winter night. Check out how to make pumpkin pie moonshine. 

How to Choose a Moonshine Recipe



There are so many reasons to love moonshine. One of our favorite features is its versatility. While many picture moonshine being made with corn, which it certainly is, it can be made with a wide range of ingredients including grains, fruit and even sugar. 

When making moonshine, there are arguably two different routes one could take. Some methods of making moonshine are geared towards moonshine that is curated to be sipped and enjoyed. These recipes might use specialty blending techniques to create a distinct flavor or even start with a fruit mash for a subtle fruity flavor. 








On the other hand, many moonshine recipes are made to create a simple neutral spirit to be flavored. These recipes often use simple ingredients such as sugar to make a simple spirit that is ready to be flavored. 

When making moonshine to be flavored it makes sense not to use specialty or expensive ingredients since they will not be tasted in the final product. However, when making sugar shine you cannot get the same high ABV as a grain or fruit based shine. If you still want the standard kick of moonshine, you will need to use the good stuff. If you want a simple spirit to flavor that costs next to nothing to make, stick with sugar. 


Brown Sugar Moonshine

Simple Sugar Shine

How to Make Moonshine


Making moonshine requires a little bit of patience and a whole lot of time. The good news is, you can usually make a whole lot of it at once, so your efforts really do pay off. 

Of course, being able to bring out your own homemade moonshine not only gives you instant street cred, it also is sure to make you very popular amongst your family and friends. Moonshine makes a great gift so be sure to start early for the holidays. 

How to Make a Moonshine Mash



The first step to making moonshine is making a moonshine mash. This first step will vary depending on your ingredients and recipes.

For example, when you are making a grain-based moonshine (which is very popular) you will be cooking your grains when you make your mash. This is an important step because by cooking your grains you will be converting the grains from a starch to a fermentable sugar. Without this conversion, fermentation will not be successful. 

When making a fruit mash you don’t need to worry about conversion. Instead you need to prepare your fruit. This could mean removing seeds or cores, but usually means chopping up your ingredients in order to release their flavor. 

When doing a basic sugar shine, making a mash is as simple as dissolving your sugar into warm water. 

Once your mash is complete, you are ready for the next step, fermentation. 

How to Ferment your Moonshine Mash



Fermenting your moonshine mash is hands down the easiest step of making moonshine, but it requires the most patience. 

Fermentation is the process in which the fermentable sugars in your moonshine mash are converted into ethanol. This process requires yeast as well as a stable temperature and takes about 10 days. 

In order to ferment your mash you will need an airtight fermentation vessel with an airlock. These can be pricey to purchase on their own. Fortunately, many moonshine still kits include both a still and a fermentor.

The Copperhead Still includes everything you need to get started as a moonshiner. This All-in-One Moonshine Still kit has a barrel that can do double duty as both a still and a fermentor. This not only saves you money, but also valuable storage space. 


The Copperhead is not only practical, it also features premium features to make a great tasting shine. The Copperhead combines practical 404 stainless steel which is affordable and easy to care for, with premium copper coils. 

The copper coils are a great feature for any still because copper is uniquely able to neutralize the sulphur in your mash, which is that stinky egg smell. Removing sulphur results in a better tasting shine. 


Of course, a great still makes running your shine much easier and with better results! 

How to Use a Moonshine Still


Running your still is obviously the most rewarding step of making moonshine. This step does require you to pay close attention to temperature.

There are some important things to know before taking the first step as a moonshiner. One is the legalities of making moonshine in your area. 

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Next, it is important to note the safety issues associated with making moonshine. It is important to protect yourself by learning the safe way to make moonshine. 

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Using a moonshine still is pretty comparable to your high school science class. Basically, you need to remove the ethanol from your mash. The way you are going to do it is by heating up the mash in a still. As alcohol has a lower boiling temperature than water, the alcohol will turn into a vapor and then get condensed into a liquid. 

In a pot still like the Copperhead, the ethanol will turn into a vapor in your barrel and then a water pump will cool the ethanol back into a liquid which is collected as moonshine. 

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Pumpkin Pie Moonshine Recipe

Ready to put the flavor of your favorite fall dessert into a glass? This recipe is a great fall drink for cool fall nights, bonfires and of course, Thanksgiving! 

But what is pumpkin pie without a little whipped cream? Check out our delicious moonshine whip cream recipe for the ultimate pairing with your pumpkin pie moonshine!