Watermelon Moonshine Recipe


Once upon a time, when alcohol production was illegal with no government authorization, many daring brewers were conducting their business under the cover of darkness, by the shining light of the moon, to avoid discovery and legal penalties. Thus, the term "moonshining" stuck. Nowadays, moonshining has been legalized and has evolved to become a form of art, with widespread practice and a considerable number of fans around the world.

Moonshine is defined as any kind of home brewed alcohol, usually whiskey or rum, made from a home made, non commercial still by following various do it yourself recipes. There are many different such recipes, which result in different beverages suited for different tastes. In this article, we will explore a recipe for making moonshine with watermerlon instead of the usual corn mash people use for their main ingredient. Contrary to popular belief, watermelon is an excellent material to use for moonshine making. You just need to do a little bit of homework first.

Learn from the Experts

Whenever we venture forth into unknown territory, it is always best that we refer to experts who are authorities on their area. After skimming through various companies, and taking a look at plenty of proposed watermeloon moonshine recipes, we came across Claw Hammer Supply a company that is a huge proponent of moonshining. Their products are various kinds of moonshine still kits, differing in size and design, but universally oriented towards producing top quality home brewed alcohol.

Claw Hammer Supply also maintains a very active blog filled with useful information on the art of moonshining, as well as various guides, walkthroughs and moonshine recipes. It is there that we came across the following excellent watermelon based moonshine recipe, that will be the basis of our article.

Below, we will list all the required equipment and ingredients that are necessary for making the recipe work, as well as describe the process itself in detail. We heavily encourage you to check out Claw Hammer Supply's blog itself, for further information and various other, interesting recipes. Likewise, in case you are interested in getting elite performing moonshining equipment, make sure to check their product list.

Equipment & Ingredients

First of all, making moonshine is a process that demands you invest in some equipment. For the purposes of this watermelon moonshine recipe, it is a granted that you have all the following pieces or other, suitable alternatives:
  • A blender.
  • A thermometer.
  • An airlock.
  • A sharp knife and a suitable board for cutting.
  • A fine cheesecloth.
  • Two 5 gallon buckets.
  • A spoon for stirring, and a large pot for mashing.
  • A hose for siphoning.
  • An immersion chiller to eventually cool the mash.
  • A food grade bucket for fermentation.
  • Finally we will also need a hot plate.

As for the required ingredients, well, it would not be a watermelon moonshine recipe without watermelons, would it? We will need five large sized watermelons, two pounds of raisins, four pounds of cane sugar as well as two packs of bread or wine yeast.

The Recipe

  1. Everything starts with extracting a generous amount of watermelon juice from the watermelons. The best way to go about this is to cut them into small slices, remove the rind and break them down in chunks that can fill your blender.
  2. When blending, it is important that you not overdo it. Make sure you stop before the pulp comes through the strainer.
  3. Remove the contents of your blender and dump them through a cheesecloth, installed in a straining bucket.
  4. Squeeze the cheesecloth bag, to extract as much juice as possible. Then, pour the strained juice into a steel mash-tun.
  5. Even though watermelon is high in sugar itself, trust us and add your own sugar on top of it. Stir, until the sugar dissolves. Right after you want to add your raisins.
  6. Heat up the mix to 160F. After it is nice and heated, you can add cold water to reach your desired volume. Use your chiller to cool the mash.
  7. While it is cooling, using 2 cups of 120F degree water, 2 tablespoons of sugar and 2 small packs of yeast, make a yeast starter.
  8. Pour your mash from a bucket to the next, to aerate it and then transfer it to your food grade fermentation bucket.
  9. Add the yeast starter you created previously to the fermentation bucket. Add an airlock and start fermenting at 70F until it is finished. After a few days, when the fermentation process will be finished and the yeast will have settled to the bottom of the fermentation bucket, you will have to siphon the liquid into a copper still.
  10. Make sure you avoid taking raisins, watermelon pulp and any yeast with it as transferring them to your still will affect the flavor of your final moonshine.
  11. After the distillation process has finished, your moonshine is done and ready – and you can add any touches you like to give it a bit of a personal tone.


There of course other ways to go about making watermelon based moonshine. If the aforementioned process and recipe seems daunting to you, and too complicated for your liking, we suggest you give this watermelon brew recipe a look. We found it relatively simple and much easier to follow.

That being said, if you are looking to make totally outstanding watermelon moonshine, then our initial proposed method is the way to go. You cannot really go wrong by following Claw Hammer Supply’s recipes. The company has been in the game far too long, and they know how to walk the walk, so to say.

We encourage you to experiment a little and give the recipe a try. True greatness comes from actively going out of your comfort zone. And with watermelon recipe, you are definitely going to do that, whether you are fresh to moonshining or a seasoned veteran of the game.