7 Things to Look for in a Moonshine Still

7 Things to Look for in a Moonshine Still

As the popularity of moonshine has grown, many people are looking for the best moonshine still kit. A good moonshine still kit should be easy to clean and maintain, user-friendly, and produce high quality distilled spirits. It is also important that it is durable enough to last a long time. 

Here are 7 things you should look for when searching for a moonshine still kit!

What is Moonshine?




Moonshine is a distilled alcoholic beverage that often contains high levels of alcohol. It can be made from any type of sugar, but it is most commonly made from corn mash. 


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One of the best things about moonshine is that you can experiment with different ingredients to produce different flavors - some people like their moonshine clear, while others prefer it dark or flavored. 

You'll need more than just a basic still if you want your liquor made from scratch. A basic moonshine still kit will produce alcohol, but you'll need to source your ingredients elsewhere.

Fortunately, moonshine can be made from many common ingredients such as ripe fruit, cornmeal and even plain sugar

High-Quality Distilled Spirits



When you are looking to invest in a moonshine still kit, there are several things that you should consider before making your purchase. The most important of which is the quality of the distillate. This takes into account how much alcohol content will be in each batch and how pure it will be. 

The distilled spirits that come out of the best moonshine still kit should be high quality and pure, with no chemical aftertaste or impurities left in them! 

The Benefit of Copper




When it comes to producing quality moonshine you want to look for a well made still. For example, the Copperhead All-in-One Still Kit  features copper coils that are designed to neutralize the sulphur in your moonshine. 


Sulphur is created when yeast ferments. It has both an unpleasant taste and unpleasant smell so it is definitely not an element you want present in your moonshine.


Fortunately, when sulphur comes into contact with copper it will bind with the copper. This is the reason that so many moonshine still feature copper coils. When you choose a moonshine still with a stainless steel body and copper coils, you are able to get an affordable option that produces exceptional results. 

Copper Mesh



Some stills do not feature copper coils, but can instead be packed with copper mesh. The Magnum All-in-One Still is an example of this type of still.



The Magnum features dual vapor chambers which allows your moonshine to have a higher ABV with less runs. Its larger vapor chamber is ideal for packing with copper mesh which will allow the sulphur to be removed. Instead of the build-up remaining in your still, it can be easily removed with the mesh. 


Your moonshine still kit should last for a long time! It should be made of high-quality material that won't warp or rust over time and can handle being used again and again without breaking down. 


A moonshine still kit is an investment, not one you need to constantly replace. Therefore,  durability is key to finding something that will last.


When you are looking at a new moonshine still you can usually tell the quality in the details. What material is the still made with? At How to Moonshine, our stills are made with 404 stainless steel. This is important because this is a food grade material, which is what you want when you are making something that will be ingested. 

Quality Design



It is also important to check the quality of the build. You want a still that is made with quality welds and a good design. 

We love the design of our Copperhead All-in-One Still Kit. Not only does the still feature a combination of stainless steel and copper to combine affordability and performance, it also acts as a fermentor. 

With this design element, you can avoid purchasing an expensive fermentation vessel and simply reuse the still barrel. This design element does not only save you money, but there is also less equipment to store. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain



When it comes to moonshine still kits, you want one that will be easy for beginner distillers. It should also be very simple to clean and maintain so you don't get overwhelmed by the extensive cleaning process. 


While copper stills are a great option for removing the sulfur from your mash, it can also cause quite a build up in your still that is difficult to clean. 


Stainless Steel Stills



By utilizing a stainless steel body and copper pipes you can get the best of both worlds. An easy to clean and maintain body with the neutralizing power of copper. 


Another great option is to use a stainless steel still, like our Magnum All-in-One Still Kit and pack the vapor chamber with copper mesh. This is a great option as the build up can be easily removed with the mesh. 


With options like these, you can easily clean your moonshine still as you would your regular kitchen equipment. However, it is very important to make sure to always sanitize any moonshine still before running in order to avoid contamination. 

User Friendly



The best moonshine still kit is one that makes the distilling process enjoyable and fun! It should be easy for beginners to use, but also intricate enough to keep experienced users interested in using it again and again. 

A great starter still is the Mist 1 Gallon Air Still. An air still is very different from a traditional pot or kettle still. 

Instead of using a heat source to vaporize your mash and then a water pump to cool it, air stills use electricity to heat your mash and then a built-in fan to cool it. Instead of closely monitoring your heat like a stovetop still, air stills are much more of a plug and play.

You simply plug in your air still and turn it on. It is about the same size as your kitchen kettle and just as easy to use. 

Small Enough for Home Use

A good moonshine still kit should be small enough that you can use it at home without having to worry about taking up too much space! It doesn't matter if the best moonshining equipment has all of these features, but they are useless if you can't use them at home without taking up too much space or worrying about how it will look in your kitchen.

The Mist 1 Gallon Air Still is about the size of your kitchen kettle and just as easy to use. Its plug and play technology means that you can make your own moonshine at the press of a button. It really could not get any easier to make your own spirits in the comfort of your own home. 


If you plan on making small batches, portability is a great feature to have so that you don't need an extra room just for your still. This allows you to keep your still in the kitchen, which is very convenient for everyone!

The Mist Air Still is very portable. It can easily travel from your home to the cottage, boat or trailer. Air stills do not require any additional water to run making it the ideal still to use in places where freshwater is limited.

The Right Aftercare

Before you purchase your moonshine still, consider what you are actually buying. Does you still come with a satisfaction guarantee? Customer service? What kind of manual or instructional guide will you have to run your still? So many companies will sell you a still and nothing more. Some even come without any instructions. 

The How to Moonshine Difference



Of course, at How to Moonshine we do everything we can to make moonshining easy. We have created videos with simple step-by-step instructions, detailed manuals and extensive how-to guides to be sure that you are supported in your moonshine journey. 

Of course, if you run into any trouble, our customer service team is there to answer all of your questions promptly and thoroughly.