Flavored Alcohol Review

Flavored Alcohol Review - HowtoMoonshine

In this flavored alcohol review, we are going to have a quick look at some of the tastiest alcohol flavors to try.  


Sampling lots of flavored alcohol is a favorite hobby for many college students on spring break.

Flavored moonshine is a popular choice because it can be flavored with almost any ingredient and packs a powerful punch. In addition, making your own flavored alcohol with moonshine is considerably cheaper than purchasing the same counterparts in store.


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How Is Alcohol Flavored?

There are two main ways to flavor alcohol.  Alcohol can be flavored during the distilling process using various strategies.  Here is a quick look at the main ways brewers use to flavor spirits.


Flavoring Alcohol by Using Specific Ingredients

Various products can be used to produce alcohol.  If you use other produce such as fruits and veggies (potatoes), juice needs to be extracted from these fruits or veggies beforehand.  This juice can then be added to your moonshine kit for heating and distillation. 

The ingredients brewers use greatly affect the flavor of your spirits and eventually the taste of your beverages.


Add Flavor Ingredients To A Thump Keg

In brewing kettles with a thump keg, you can use this thumper to add more essence to your spirits. 

This can be done by adding ingredients like fruit, herbs, and spices to the timber.  The spirits will absorb many of the flavors when the alcohol is distilled a second time through the thumper.


Store In Wooden Barrels

Aged alcohol can be stored in oak barrels to enhance its taste and to help it gain more flavor. 

The alcohol needs to be stored in a relatively warm area.  Over time, the essence of wood will alter the flavor of the alcohol.


Add Various Mixes with Your Moonshine

Most people enjoy their alcohol by diluting it in a mix. You can add moonshine to all sorts of beverages such as soda, fruit juice, or even coffee. 

The mix greatly alters the flavor of the beverage but you will also be able to taste hints of the original distillate flavor of your spirits as an undertone to your mix.

This flavor undertone works a lot like adding coffee beans to foods.  Desserts like cake or pudding still taste like cake but have a coffee flavor or aroma. 



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Which Alcoholic Drink Tastes The Best?

It is hard to say which alcoholic drinks taste the best because people can be so different in the foods and beverages they enjoy.  Your mood can also affect the type of drink you would like to enjoy on a specific day or at a specific occasion.  

Here is a quick look at some of the most popular alcohols based on their flavor;


Grey Goose – La Poire

In vodka brands, you are always safest choosing citrus or vanilla flavors but this liquor from Grey Goose is an acceptance from the rule.  Their La Poire is infused with pear yet tastes surprisingly well.  It is great for mixing a variety of beverages including some of the best tasting cocktails you have ever had.


Crown Royal – Honey

If you love sweet beverages then this honey-flavored whiskey by Crown Royal is a great beverage to give a try.  This whiskey tastes superb on the rocks and it can also be used with a variety of beverage recipes to make great tasting cocktails.  

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Plantation Stiggins’ Fancy Pineapple Rum

Rum lovers should give this wonderful liquor by Plantation Stiggins’ a try.  This particular blend was developed by cellar master Alexandre Gabriel and a collaborating David Wondrich who wrote the book Imbibe.  This rum isn’t available in any given liquor store or bar.  As such, it does make a fine gift to offer rum lovers with an acquired taste for fine drinks.

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This is one of the most popular beverages in bars and for good reason.  Jagermeister is made of 50 herbs and it offers a smooth yet unique taste. 

This 35% alcohol is best-enjoyed as a shooter although some adventurous souls also enjoy this drink along with mixes.


 E&J Vanilla Brandy

Vanilla is one of the best alcohol flavors to enjoy because it is so versatile.  This liquor can be mixed with a variety of tasty beverages. 

E&J’s Vanilla Brandy is especially good with its brandy base and vanilla aroma.  The brandy is smooth on the tongue and mixes well with various companions such as coke.


Port Wine

Wine is a beloved beverage for millions of people and port wine is one of the most flavorsome wines to enjoy.  This wine is often enjoyed as a dessert because of its sweet fruity taste.  The 20% alcohol wine can however also be enjoyed as a regular beverage for wine lovers that crave something sweet and strong. 


Agavero Orange Tequila Liqueur

If you love tequila, you will be over the moon when you taste this liqueur by Agavero.  The tequila offers flavors of nectar and oranges. 

It is perfect for mixing margaritas or for enjoying as a shooter with friends.  The beautiful design of the Agavero bottle also makes it a wonderful gift to offer other flavored alcohol lovers.

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If the usual taste of alcohol and especially flavorless alcohol isn’t particularly pleasing to you then you will love schnapps.  This 42% alcohol drink is very smooth yet highly flavored. 

You can get Schnapps in flavors such as apple, cherry, peach, and orange and they all taste wonderful.  Schnapps is very tasty on the rocks but you can also enjoy it in cocktails, punch, or as a shooter.


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Ciroc Peach Vodka

As with the previous vodka we mentioned on our list, this peach flavor does differ a little bit from the most popular flavors on the market.  But Ciroc sure outdid themselves when they created this fine tasting peach vodka

The peach blend is perfect for mixing summer-themed beverages such as cocktails or anything fruity that you might want to give a boost of flavor.

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Van Diest Fruli Strawberry Beer

It is not just liquor that can be flavored.  All other alcoholic beverages come in a variety of flavors including beer. 

This strawberry beer by Fruli is also a great beer to try if you love to sample lots of different fruity drinks.  While not everyone loves beer, many who detest the bitter taste of beer do love the sweeter fruity flavor of this beer.


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Rum Chata Horchata Cream Liqueur

Your life will never be complete if you haven’t had your fill of cream liqueur.  This fine liqueur by RumChata is a must for your cream liqueur bucket list. 

It is a fine tasting drink to enjoy as is or on the rocks but you can also mix it with other beverages such as hot chocolate.  It is a great flavored drink to try if you need something sweet and soothing.

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Effen Cucumber Vodka

Cucumber is very refreshing when you add it to water but it isn’t something you see in alcoholic beverages all too often.  Effen cucumber vodka is made from fresh cucumbers and it is a perfect liquor to add if you want to create a martini with a unique and refreshing taste. 

Naturally, you can also use other mixes or enjoy this vodka on the rocks.


What Is The Best Flavored Vodka Brand?


Vodka is a very popular beverage and is sold in countries across the globe.  These drinks come in various flavor trends such as citrus, natural flavors or spiced flavors. 

There are also many great vodka brands to choose from.  Some of the most popular brands are Grey Goose, Absolut, Belvedre and more do offer various flavors to sample. 

You can also get affordable vodka brands such as New Amsterdam, Deep Eddy, Smirnoff and Pinnacle.  You can also look for flavors like citrus and vanilla since these are the most popular flavors amongst most vodka lovers since they mix well with so many other tasty beverages.  

When shopping for the best vodka brand, it usually depends on your budget.  It does, after all, become hard to enjoy a tasty beverage if it is well out of your budget.  


Does Flavored Liquor Go Bad?

does flavored liquor go bad?


Liquor can keep indefinitely irrespective of its flavor.  The only time your flavored liquor will go bad is if it is a mixed brand that contains fruits. 


In these beverages, the fruits can go off or they can have a higher alcohol percentage due to the sugar found in these fruit pieces. 


Flavored liquor can also start to evaporate once the bottle gets open which can alter the taste of the liquor.  It will however take many years before the alcohol will significantly change in taste.  


Which Alcohol Is The Smoothest?

A smooth alcohol is an alcohol that has a high proof that still tastes divine.  Stroh Rum, is a good example of a high proof alcohol that isn’t very smooth to sip because it offers a burning sensation.  


There are quite a few smooth alcoholic drinks available on the market.  Many people believe that Captain Morgan Spiced Rum is one of the smoothest on the market because it has a spicy aroma and the content is usually 17.5 – 50% for the beverages and mixes that are made from this drink.