Jim Tom Moonshine Stills for Sale

Jim Tom Moonshine Stills for Sale

While many purchase moonshine stills to get the newest and most efficient models on the market, others prefer to collect the stills of legends. Check out Jim Tom moonshine stills for sale. 


Jim Tom is a legend still builder in the Appalachian moonshine industry. If you are ever lucky enough to spend time with this shiner, he would likely entertain you for hours with his personal life stories.

With such a well-respected reputation in the moonshine industry, it is no wonder people are often looking to see if they can get their hands on a Jim Tom Moonshine still.

He has become one of the most skilled still makers out there not only builds his own stills, but also creates handcrafted spirits. These high-end spirits are considered premium items throughout southern states like Tennessee. 

Jim Toms Moonshine Stills For Sale

Although he does not directly sell his stills you can see his line of moonshine here - https://www.sugarlands.com/legend/jim-tom-hedrick/

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What Does Jim Tom’s Sugarlands Moonshine Taste Like?

This award-winning shine is a favorite amongst experienced shiners. 

Packing a potent punch, Jim Tom’s Unaged Rye Moonshine is the Gold Medal winner at San Francisco World Spirits Competition.


This moonshine maintains an earthy balance between spicy rye and toasted grains that are packed with award-winning flavor for both oldtimers who love their alcohol straight up or mixologists looking for unique additions like orange peel in cocktails!

Jim Tom Hendrikc on Moonshiners

In the Discovery TV show "Moonshiners," viewers were introduced to Jim Tom Hendrick and his partner Popcorn Sutton. The two are said by many people in this business as being responsible for their success, with Mark Ramsey crediting them dearly during Season 1 episodes of Moonshine runner on Discovery Channel last year. 

Did Jim Tom on 'Moonshiners' die? 

Jim Tom, 80-year old moonshiner has finally gone legit! He's teamed up with Mark and Digger to create Sugarlands Distilling Co. That means you can find his famous "Unaged Rye" at your favorite liquor store across the nation (or maybe not).

It's been said that during prohibition, he was left to his own devices and became a self-made moonshiner. This could be why he waited so long before 'going legit' and creating his own moonshine label. 

Jim Tom was born in North Carolina on Dec. 25, 1940 to a family with deep roots in both moonshining and agriculture. He dabbled in plumbing, electrical work, ans vehicle maintenance, but it wasn't until he created his first copper still that Jim found the passion for which he would become famous.

Jim Tom began creating distilled spirits using traditional distillation where heat turns alcohol into glycerin and water vapor through saponification of sugars mixed with yeast at just below 170 degrees Fahrenheit (77 Celsius).

Jim's ancestors had been selling homemade "shine" long before Prohibition took away their livelihoods so when opportunity knocked after World War II caused major shortages throughout America.

Jim Tom on Moonshiners

His last appearance came when viewers saw how much of an impactful character he really is with that one tweet from before where it said "Jim Tom you are one-of kind." 

It's true, we haven't seen the old JT in a long time. The last confirmed sighting was about two years ago. Whether he has retreated from society to enjoy his golden years or is simply too busy running his moonshine label for socializing is not known. 

One thing is for certain, taking the time to honor and learn from moonshine legends like Jim Tom and Popcorn Sutton is a great way to comemerate their impact on moonshining in the United States.