Stainless Steel Still Review

Stainless Steel Still Review - HowtoMoonshine

The type of still you have can make a huge difference in the quality of your moonshine.  Check out our stainless steel still review. 


Ideally, the best materials to use for a moonshine still is copper since copper boosts the fermentation process and reduces a sulfur taste in alcoholic beverages. 

Copper is however a very expensive metal which is why many brewers turn to stainless steel stills.  


The Benefits of Stainless Steel Stills

These stills are affordable, tarnish-resistant, durable, and almost as functional as copper stills. 


Most stainless steel stills also have copper components such as copper tubes or copper mesh that still eliminates the taste of sulfur in your spirits.  As a result, your beverages end up being just as tasty as moonshine that was produced by using a copper still.


Can You Make A Still Out Of Stainless Steel?

Stainless steel stills are becoming increasingly popular on the market. 


They are much more affordable and offer the same functionality as copper stills. 


Most of these stills also do have copper components that can help absorb or eliminate traces of and the taste of sulfur.  


Can you Make your Own Stainless Steel Still? 


stainless steel still


It is entirely possible to make a still out of stainless steel.  The process of making your very own stainless steel still is however quite challenging. 


Unlike copper, stainless steel is not the most pliable metal and you do need quite a lot of skill to make any kind of moonshine still, let alone a stainless steel still.


Making your own stainless steel still can be very exhausting.  Instead of wasting all of your energy on making your own, it is much easier (and often more affordable) to simply buy a readymade still that contains all the needed components to get started.  


stainless steel whiskey moonshine still

What Is The Best Home Still?





You can now buy quite a few different home stills.  These devices have become quite popular and affordable since more people started showing an interest in making their own liquor. 


Modern moonshine stills are quite compact and they are very convenient for use.  


In this quick guide, we are going to have a look at a few great moonshine stills that come as a complete kit.  These include all accessories including a cooling tower, fermentation barrel, cooling water pump, and more. 


These kits are ideal for beginner moonshiners because they are so easy to assemble and use and you can start making your own liquor within minutes.  


The Magnum 50 L Moonshine Still Kit 

stainless steel still

This still kit is coming soon. To join the waitlist, click here

Introducing the Magnum! This still is the perfect option for those who want to go big with their moonshine. This is our largest still yet at 50 L. 


Not only is this still big, but it is also powerful. With dual vaporizing chambers you can spend less time running your still and more time enjoying your shine. The copper coils effectively cool your shine and remove sulfur from your wash. 

The set includes a multi-purpose barrel that can be used for fermentation or distilling your wash. 

This barrel comes with an air-tight seal lid that has a one-way pressure relief valve.  A distillation tower with built-in 3-in-1 alcohol meter is also included in the set and you also get a submergible water pipe and all the tubing required for this device.

The stovetop still kit is very easy to use and it can be used to produce a huge variety of fine tasting beverages such as whiskey, moonshine, brandy, rum, and other tasty drinks. 


  • 5 x 35 cm/ 13.78 x 13.78 inch
  • Input quantity: 10 kg rice ( for example )
  • Output quantity: 3.5kg for alcohol content of 50%, 5kg for alcohol content of 30%
  • Wine steaming time: 1-2 hours ( including heating time)


 Material: 304 stainless steel

 Distiller Capacity: 50 L/13 gallons

 Fermentation tank size: 5 x 35 cm/ 13.78 x 13.78 inch

 Input quantity: 10 kg rice ( for example )

 Output quantity: 3.5kg for alcohol content of 50%, 5kg for alcohol content of 30%

 Wine steaming time: 1-2 hours ( including heating time)

 1 x Alcohol Distiller Moonshine Wine Making Boiler  1 x Water Pump  1 x Pack Of Ceramic Balls  1 x 100ml Graduated Cylinder  1 x 2m Silicone Tube  1 x Thermometer  1 x Exhaust Valve, 1 x Seal Sheet


  • You can use the still on any type of stovetop
  • Large capacity still
  • The kit is made of quality materials including copper coils
  • The kit includes everything you need to get started
  • A 3-in-1 alcohol meter is included
  • The lid comes with airlock, silicone stopper, and one-way pressure relief valve
  • A submersible cooling water pump is included with the kit
  • It is very easy to use
  • You can use the barrel to store liquids, for fermentation or to distill your spirits
  • The false bottom prevents raw materials from making contact with the base of the barrel



    The Copper Top All-in-One Stovetop Still Kit


    The Copper Top All-in-One Still kit is a great option for those who want a great quality with the power of copper and the economy of stainless steel. This ensures your Copper Top All-in-One Copper Coil Still Kit will be durable, sturdy, and easy to clean. 

    The Copper Top has built-in copper coils which perform rapid thermal conductivity to quickly cool your still. Copper is such an important in a still.

    In addition to its superior cooling efforts, the copper coils also neutralize the sulfur in your moonshine resulting in a better-tasting whiskey. 

     The Copper Top is perfect for those shiners who are looking for a kit to take them from fermenting to distilling in one simple kit. The Copper Top can be used on an electric, gas, or even an induction stove. 


    • The pot includes a false bottom to keep your solids from scorching the bottom of your still.


    • The built-in advanced thermometer ranging from 0-150℃ (32-302℉) accurately monitors the temperature of its contents to make monitoring the temperature of your run easier each step of the way.  


    The kit includes all accessories you need to get started such as a submergible water pipe, tubes, and thread seal tape.  



    • The distillation tower has copper coils that eliminate sulfur tastes in beverages
    • The kit comes with a large 5-gallon barrel
    • Most parts are made of durable stainless steel
    • A submergible cooling water pump is included in the set
    • You get everything you need in this kit to get started
    • A 3-in-1 alcohol meter is included
    • The fermentation barrel has a false bottom that prevents contact with raw materials
    • The lid seals tightly and is fitted with a one-way pressure relief valve
    • The kit is very easy to use



      stainless steel moonshine still review  

      The Mist 1 Gallon Air Still 

      To purchase an Airstill, click here

      If you are only going to be distilling 1 – 4 liters of wash then this can be a great little still to have in your home.


      The still is small enough to fit comfortably on your kitchen countertop.  It is electronic which makes it very easy to use and some of these stills even come with timers or alarms that notify you when your spirits are complete. 


      The still has a unique plug and play design which means you can make your still at the press of a button. This still does not require any additional water so it is the perfect option for the boat, trailer, cottage or anywhere where water is limited.  



      Size – 7 x 7 x 14”

      Color – Stainless

      Power – 745W

      Main materials – 304 Food grade stainless steel and aluminum

      Type – Electric

      Capacity – 4l

      Application – Distil alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, brandy, vodka and more



      • Produce liquor in just 2 hours
      • The device is made of quality stainless steel
      • It functions on 220 – 240VAC household electricity
      • It offers a vast temperature range of 30 – 150 degrees c
      • It can be used to distill and make a variety of beverages
      • The set is portable
      • It won’t take up too much space in your kitchen
      • Distill up to 6.3 gallons water


        What Type Of Still Is Best For Whiskey?

        To make the best whiskey, you should get a still that has copper tubing in the cooling tower.  The copper reduces sulfur in the mixture which results in a much better flavor for your spirits.  Many also feel that pot stills are preferable above reflux stills for whiskey because these result in a more flavor-rich whiskey.


        There is however some whiskey lovers that prefer flavor-free spirits.  If this is the case with you, you can also consider reflux still for making whiskey.  


        Are Air Stills Any Good?


        To purchase an Airstill, click here


        Air stills are very convenient for those who only want to make small quantities of moonshine. 

        These machines are very compact and they are inconspicuous since they look a lot like a coffee percolator. 


        Air stills are not a good investment if you want to distill more than 4liters of wash at a time because it does take 4 hours to distill 4 liters of liquid. 


        A large batch of wash can take many hours to complete if you are using this small still.  


        Many also feel that air stills do not produce the same quality and taste spirits as pot and reflux stills.  They are however good investments if you are curious about getting into moonshine making but are not sure if this hobby will take.