Strongest Moonshine

Strongest Moonshine

Most of us enjoy an occasional alcoholic drink because that buzz you get from these drinks can help you release some tension.  From the moment you take that first sip, your nerves will start to calm, your body starts to relax and many pondering worries won’t seem quite as terrible.


If you love to taste and sample alcoholic beverages then you will know by now that some liquors can affect you much more than others.  


This is because different beverages have different proof or alcohol percentage levels.  Most liquor you buy in-store does have a relatively low alcoholic content.  Some ciders, for example, have an alcohol level of as little as 2%.  And then you also get lots of spirits and moonshines that are powerful enough to knock your socks off with just a simple sip.


Different types of moonshine can also vary greatly in strength.  If you have been wondering what the strongest moonshine is, then you are in luck because we are now going to share a list of the most powerful moonshines on the market.


Legal Alcohol Proof Levels

Before we dive right into our list of the most powerful moonshines, you should know that moonshine brewers are a little bit limited when it comes to the strengths they are legally allowed to make.  


In most regions, the strongest legal moonshine has proof of 197.  In other regions, 130 proof is the legal limit for alcoholic beverages.


The Strongest Moonshine

Some moonshine brewers are often tempted to create a moonshine that exceeds the legal proof limits, especially if they have no intent to sell their moonshine.


It is impossible to make 100% alcohol by distillation.  The strongest known alcohol is ethanol with 95% alcohol.  Ethanol is an azeotrope.  It has a constant boiling point and composition throughout the distillation process.  Chemistry simply doesn’t allow us to create a 100% pure alcohol.


Some moonshiners produce 93% / 186 proof moonshine by using a reflux still along with the moonshine kettle.  The moonshine still needs to be redistilled until you get a 90% or higher proof.


For most moonshiners, it just isn’t worth the extra time and effort to create such high proof alcohol because you cannot drink it this way anyway.   Alcohol with such a high alcohol percentage can easily knock you out or even kill you.


The Strongest Legal Moonshine

There are quite a few powerful moonshine types that you can legally buy.  Here is a quick look at the strongest moonshines to purchase legally.


Buffalo Trace White Dog Mash

This moonshine is considered a #1 mash.  It is corn, rye, and malted barley moonshine with a proof of 125 or an ABV of 62.5%.  


Dark Corner Distillery Moonshine

This moonshine is brewed in partnership with the legendary NASCAR driver Billy Elliot.  It is a corn whiskey with a proof of 100 or an ABV of 50%.  This moonshine is branded as the ‘World’s Best Moonshine’.


Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine

This moonshine offers a peppery taste.  It is made from a 100-year-old recipe and the moonshine has proof of 100 or an ABV of 50%.  


The Smith’s Climax Moonshine

This moonshine is brewed in Virginia and is distilled from corn and barley malt.  The moonshine has an ABV of 45% and a proof of 90.


Troy and Sons Platinum

This moonshine is handmade in Asheville.  This whiskey is made of corn that is specific to that region and at an 80 proof level, it is quite powerful.  


The Strongest Beverages in the World

The following alcoholic beverages are a rare find in most markets because they offer such a high percentage of alcohol.  These beverages do come with quite a few warnings or drinking instructions since they can be harmful to your body if consumed as is.  Here is a look at some of the most powerful liquors in the world.



This beverage originates from Siberia.  It has proof of 196 or 96% alcohol.  It is the strongest liquor for sale in the United States and while this seems like an extreme drink in the US, it is relatively common in Russia since this country has the highest alcohol consumption in the world.



Everclear is more common alcohol in the US.  This alcohol has a proof level of 190 or is 95% alcohol.  It is the first 190 proof alcohol to ever be bottled hence its popularity.  


Golden Grain

Like Everclear, this alcohol has proof of 190 and is a 95% pure alcohol.  Due to the nature of 95% alcohol, this beverage is almost identical to Everclear in terms of taste and texture.


Bruichladdich X4 Quadrupled Whiskey

This 92% whiskey is brewed in Scotland and the distilling methods used for this whiskey dates back from the 17th century.  The whiskey is aged in oak casts which results in very rich flavors considering the high 184 proof.


River Antoine Royale Grenadian Rum

This rum is also made from a very old brewing and distilling method.  The rum is distilled from fermented sugarcane and is a 90% alcohol with 180 proof.


It is great fun to taste and try different types of high-proof beverages.  It is also quite exciting to try to make your very own high-proof moonshine by redistilling the spirits a few times before bottling it.  


But while you are busy having fun with making high-proof moonshine or sampling powerful alcoholic beverages available on the market, you should be very careful.  Drinking too much of high-proof alcohol in a very short time can be very dangerous to your health and can even result in alcohol poisoning or death.


It is always best to dilute your beverages if you are planning on partying all night long or to stick to one or two single shots or shooters of high-proof alcohol.  With safe alcohol consumption, you can enjoy these fine beverages without putting your health at risk.