European Malt Rye
European Malt Rye

European Malt Rye

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Crafted from premium European malt rye, this moonshine grain promises a smooth and flavorful final product. Perfect for crafting the best moonshine, its high quality ensures an exceptional taste. Elevate your moonshine game with this essential ingredient!

Viking Rye Malt gives bready and honey flavor it adds a golden color and typical spicy rye flavor. 

European malt rye is known for its unique flavor profile, which includes a distinctive spicy and earthy quality that adds depth to moonshine production.

The colder climate and soil composition in Europe significantly impact the flavor of the grain, giving it a more robust and complex taste.

The cool temperatures and specific mineral content of the soil contribute to the development of the rye, resulting in a flavor that is prized for moonshine production.

European malt rye is particularly ideal for moonshine production due to its high enzyme content, which aids in the conversion of starches to sugars during the fermentation process.

Additionally, the flavor profile of the grain is well-suited for creating a rich and full-bodied moonshine.

Overall, European malt rye offers a unique and flavorful option for moonshine production, with its distinct taste and ideal characteristics for distillation.

Malted Barley vs. Malted Rye

Malted barley and rye malt are both important ingredients in brewing and distilling, each with its own distinct characteristics.

In terms of flavor, rye malt is known for its earthy and spicy after-taste, while malted barley offers nutty, smoky, and chocolate flavors.

The production process for malted barley involves soaking the grains in water, allowing them to germinate, and then drying them in a kiln. Rye malt, on the other hand, typically requires a shorter germination period and a higher drying temperature.

When it comes to their use in brewing and distilling, malted barley is the most widely used ingredient, providing the base for many beer and whiskey recipes. Rye malt, on the other hand, is less commonly used but is prized for the unique flavors it imparts.

Both malted barley and rye malt contain different enzymes that are crucial to the fermentation process. Malted barley produces alpha-amylase and beta-amylase enzymes, which break down the starches in the grain into fermentable sugars. Rye malt, on the other hand, produces different enzymes that contribute to a slightly different fermentation process.

Distilling With Malted Rye vs. Malted Barley

When it comes to distilling, the choice of ingredients can have a significant impact on the flavor and character of the final product. Each of these ingredients brings its own unique qualities to the table, and understanding their individual characteristics is essential for creating diverse and well-balanced spirits.

Whether it's the influence on flavor, texture, or the overall distillation process, knowing the distinctions between malted barley and rye malt is crucial for distillers looking to create exceptional and distinctive spirits.

Benefits of Rye Malt

Rye malt offers a range of benefits when used in brewing beer. It adds a distinct earthy and spicy after-taste, contributing to the unique flavor profile of the beer.

The addition of rye malt creates a depth of flavor and complexity, making the moonshine stand out. Toasted rye malt, in particular, is a valuable addition to certain beer recipes as it adds a nutty and toasty flavor, enhancing the overall complexity of the beer.

If toasted rye malt is not readily available, there are several options for substitution. For example, using a combination of pale malt and a small amount of chocolate rye malt can mimic the unique flavor profile of toasted rye malt. Additionally, using regular rye malt in combination with other specialty malts can also provide a similar depth of flavor.

Rye malt offers a range of benefits in brewing, from its earthy and spicy after-taste to the unique flavors it adds to beer. Whether using toasted rye malt or other specialty malts, the addition of rye malt can elevate the complexity and flavor of the beer.


Advantages of Using Rye Malt in Moonshine Production


Rye malt offers several advantages in moonshine production. Its unique earthy and spicy after-taste adds depth and complexity to the brew, creating a more distinctive final product.


The use of rye malt brings a range of unique flavors to the moonshine, setting it apart from other grains typically used in this process.

Toasting rye malt is an essential part of the production process, as it contributes significantly to the flavors in the final product. The toasting process brings out the earthy and spicy notes, enhancing the overall aroma and taste of the moonshine.

Single Malt vs. Barley Malt


Single malt whisky is made from 100% malted barley at a single distillery, while barley malt refers to the process of malting barley to produce enzymes for fermentation.

Single malt whiskies are typically associated with specific regions such as Scotland, known for its traditional whisky production. The single malt process involves mashing the malted barley to release sugars, fermenting the resulting liquid with yeast to produce alcohol, distilling the liquid to increase alcohol content, and aging the whisky in oak barrels for flavor.


On the other hand, barley malt is a key ingredient in the production of various types of whiskey, as it provides the necessary enzymes for the fermentation process. It is used in combination with other grains such as corn, rye, or wheat to create different styles of whiskey.


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