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Copper Mesh

Copper Mesh

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Add Copper Mesh to Your Moonshine Still for a premium taste at an affordable price. 


  • Elevate your shine in one simple step
  • Reusable and easy to clean 
  • Made of high-quality 100% copper

Why Do Moonshiners Use Copper? 

There are many benefits to adding copper to your moonshine still. Copper is a great conductor of heat so it is a great choice for distilling, which uses heat to remove the ethanol from your fermented mash. 

However, the biggest benefit of using copper in your distilling is its ability to remove the sulfur taste and smell from your final product. 


With this in mind, many shiners use copper stills in their shining. It’s a great option for those with unlimited funds but does come with its drawbacks. 


The first disadvantage of course is cost. Even the smallest of copper stills will run you big bucks. In addition, copper is difficult to clean and maintain. This means that without a lot of upkeep you will not be able to keep producing your shine. 




Our Copper Mesh is:

  • 10 cm (4 inches) wide 
  • 10 meters (32 feet) long

Copper Mesh for Distilling

Copper mesh is a great compromise for those who want all the benefits of using copper in their distilling without the heavy price tag. 

By combining a stainless steel moonshine still and the use of copper mesh you can find a great balance between performance and availability. As the copper mesh is removable, it is easier to clean and maintain. 

Many experienced shiners prefer to use structured pure copper mesh for distilling because it is highly efficient and easy to use. 


What is Copper Mesh Used For? 

Copper mesh can be used in both reflux column stills and pot stills. In reflux column stills copper mesh plays a big role. By packing your column with the copper mesh you can both improve the flavor and increase the ABV (alcohol by volume). 

Of course, your taste is improved by the copper mesh reacting with the sulfur compounds that are in your fermented mash and eliminating their unpleasant taste and odor. 


In a reflux column, your copper mesh does double duty by increasing the surface area for the vapor/liquid contact so that the chemical separation is as efficient as possible. 


While you want to fill your entire column with copper mesh, you also need to leave adequate room for the vapor to rise through. 


How Copper Mesh Increases the ABV

When you pack your column still, whether you use copper mesh or another material, you will create a slight ‘reflux’ action. 

This happens when the vapor rises and encounters material that has a slightly lower temperature than the boiler. Ideally, it would be slightly below the boiling temperature of the water but slightly above the temperature of the alcohol.

This would allow the water vapor to turn back into a liquid and allow the alcohol vapor to continue to rise. 

While your vapors rise, they will also trickle down and pass through the material before rising again. This is essentially allowing for multiple distillations in a single run. This means you can spend less time running your still and more time enjoying your shine. 

Can You Use Copper Mesh in a Pot Still? 

Yes, you can! Copper mesh still has many benefits when using a pot still. For example, in our Magnum All-in-One Still,  you can simply add copper mesh to the large ‘football’ shaped canister. 

Caring for Your Copper Mesh

It is important to note that copper mesh doesn’t have a shelf life. You have to use what you buy continuously. This is because when copper is exposed to air it will have a reaction, think of what happens to a shiny penny after being in circulation. 

It is also important to take note that copper mesh needs to be properly cleaned after every run. Failing to clean your copper mesh could result in a foul-tasting moonshine still. 

There are several options for cleaning your copper mesh. 

  • Citric acid
  • Vinegar
  • Vinegar/water mix 50:50 ratio

No matter which cleaning agent you choose, submerge your copper for a minimum of one hour, up to 24 hours. 


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