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Take your shine to flavor country with a gin basket. 

Column stills are a great option if you want to create a neutral spirit with a high ABV. Unfortunately, unless you are making vodka, your spirits could end up lacking in the flavor department. 

However, adding a gin basket can change all that. 

What is a Gin Basket? 

A gin basket is a handy little add-on to your moonshine still which allows you to infuse flavor into your spirits. 

Gin baskets got their name from their ability to add unique botanicals during distillation which give gin its signature flavor. 

Despite the name, a gin basket can be used to add any flavor to any spirit. Of course, you can also flavor your spirits after distillation. However, often the added flavor will overpower the flavor of your shine. A dangerous option to add to your favorite cocktail. 

Using a gin basket allows you to produce a much more subtle flavoring. Think of it as a supporting actor rather than the lead. It allows a combination of both spirit and flavor together. A great option if you want to be able to sip your spirit and enjoy it, rather than have its taste masked in a cocktail. 

In other words, adding flavor during the distillation process is an easy way to add depth of flavor to your final product. 


How Does a Gin Basket Work?

A gin basket works by having the vapors pass through the ingredients, whether it be botanicals, fruit, or a combination of both. A gin basket is added into your still before your condenser allowing the flavor as well as the spirit to be condensed together. 

Of course, you can also simply infuse your spirits with flavor after it is distilled. However, this process is not ideal if you want to maintain clear spirits consistent with those that are distilled in a commercial setting. Adding a gin basket is a great way to really take your moonshine to the next level. 

What Can I Put in a Gin Basket?

Unlike the name suggests gin baskets are not just for making gin. You can infuse your spirits with pretty much whatever your heart desires, although most sick to fruit, spices, and botanicals. 


Gin baskets are a great way to add a depth of flavor to your shine. A popular option is to infuse additional flavors when making fruit-based shine. This is a great way to produce a really well-made spirit from the comforts of home. 

Where Do you Put a Gin Basket in a Reflux Still? 


The gin basket can really be placed anywhere before the condenser, however, the placement of the gin basket will affect your final result.  

For a more subtle flavor, place the gin basket at the bottom of the rectification column. 

If you want your flavors to pack more of a punch place the gin basket higher up. 










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