When fermenting and distilling moonshine there are couple of facts you need so as to ensure that it is safely and properly made and that there are no risks taken when one is taking the drink. The fermentation process is a very tricky business even in the production of beer itself such that even the best of breweries have to take various precautions so as to ensure theyproduce a substantial and safe product that at the same time is quite attractive to take. This is because the process involves the use of bacteria that uses the process of anaerobic respiration to ferment or breakdown the sugar fed into the system and the end result is a drink that will be attractive both in its smell as well as the taste.

The irony in all this is the fact that while the bacteria will infect the wash, it is practically impossible to make the best moonshine without them. Yeast is the most important bacteria in the process but should be properly regulated such that the level of fermentation is high while at the same time it is safe for consumption and the drink generated in the process is of the highest quality. Bacteria are good fermentation agents that make the entire process very easy and fast. All they require is a low level of oxygen and some time to respire and they will definitely generate a great drink. However they will also generate a drink that can be very harmful to the taker if not well maintained and watched. One thus requires the knowledge of the process such that they are able to easily make the best drink with the simplest and hassle free process.

The fact of the matter is that bacteria is found everywhere in the air such that there is absolutely no preventing it from contaminating whatever one is preparing. However what really matters in the process is the regulation of these bacteria such that there is no high level of fermentation that would yield verystrong liquor while a very low process will generate a drink that is harmful to the health of a person. They can as well infect the equipment used in the process such that despite any efforts to control them in the process and the reaction, one still finds the drink contaminated and they do not know how it came about. It is therefore very important that one ensures they know what they are doing during the process such that they know how to control these agents and their equipment to obtain the desired results without the risk of harming those who latter take their liquor.

It is a very simple process to ferment and distill moonshine but one needs to know how to go about it so as to get the required results. Once the wash is ready one should proceed to pitch the yeast and close the lid as fast as they can. This is because when the lid is open that is when the bacteria is very much attracted to the already prepared food which in this case is the rink that is being prepared. It is thus a very important part that one should ensure they take into very deep consideration. It is always wise to ensure that everything is ready before the beginning of the process such that there is no need to runaround the entire place reaching and preparing things that are already due.

Cleaning the equipment is another part that one should highly take into consideration. It involves ensuring that there is no harm done to the plastics since a small scratch provides a home for the bacteria to settle and the next time one is using the equipment they will find that they do not get results as they had previously fond. One should therefore use a soft cloth or sponge which wipes clean the surface leaving it clean without any harm to the surface. All the equipment should be thoroughly cleaned such that they do not infect or provide home to the unwanted bacteria. Detergents should absolutely not be used unless they are specifically meant for home washing since they would easily contaminate the reactants.

The next step should be sterilizing the equipment such that there are no bacteria left in it. One should ensure that they are able to get a big enough bin where all the equipment can easily fit and where they can all be immersed in the sterilizing agent for the expected duration of time. Once the bin has been obtained one should ensure they are able to get a good sterilizing agent such as sodium metabisulphite or NEO pink are some of the common agents found locally and which can be used with the same and expected results. Bleach is another agent that can be easily obtained and which has the same kinds of results which is to make the equipment safe from bacterial infection or attack. One should follow the instructions given on the product label mixing the agent with the required amount of water and closing them in for the given duration of time.

Once this is done one should then ensure that if the agent is toxicity they rinse all the equipment with a lot of water to remove the entire toxicity which would be quite harmful if contaminated with the brew and consumed. High alcohol percentages render yeast quite harmless and actually dysfunctional such that it is not possible to have the drink infected at this stage. Once can thus proceed to heat the distillate to the required temperatures without worry of an infection from this stage henceforth.