How to Moonshine Tools and Calculators


Make moonshine easier than ever with our speciality tools and calculators! 


Making moonshine is not a simple process, however, it is a fun one. To make learning this process easier we have crafted a variety of moonshine tools, calculators and 'cheat sheets' to make learning this new hobby as easy as possible. 

While making moonshine may start in the kitchen it is really more of a science experiment than following a recipe. While you do have to pay attention to the amounts of ingredients used there are many more factors to be considered such as time, temperature, pH levels and of course gravity readings.

While this may sound a little intimidating, fear not. At How to Moonshine we have developed a wide range of tools to help you along the way. 


Moonshine Recipe Calculator

Sugar Wash Calculator

Temperature Converter Calculator

Dilution Calculator

Distillate to Water Calculator

Fortification Spirit Addition Calculator

Moonshine Gravity Calculator

Vapor Speed Calculator