Create a Volume of Alcohol at a Certain Strength Calculator

How do you measure the greatness of a moonshine? By its strength of course! Check out our calculator to create a volume of alcohol at your desired strength. 

One of the most common questions we get asked at How to Moonshine involve determining what amounts or ratios are needed in order to produce a desired result. By producing our line of moonshine calculators, we are able to give our shiners a helping hand. 


A Science Experiment




While moonshine may often start in the kitchen, the act of making moonshine is much closer to a science experiment than simply following a recipe. 


The reason being is that moonshine is a multi-step process where if one step goes wrong, an entire batch could be ruined. 

Fortunately, at How to Moonshine, we have detailed step by step guides to take you through the process slowly and thoroughly in order to get it right every time. 

How To Make Your Moonshine Stronger



When it comes to making moonshine, many shiners aren’t in it for the process, they are in it for the result. 


With moonshine, the general consensus is usually, the stronger the better. 

So it makes sense that many shiners are interested in learning how to make the strongest shine possible. With our create a volume of alcohol at a certain strength calculator you can easily determine what is needed to create your ideal shine. 

All you need to do is input the volume of alcohol you have and your intended ABV.

This tool will help you determine the ratio of water to moonshine to get your desired ABV.

Of course, this tool is intended to help you cut your shine to get a lower ABV and not make it stronger. That comes from the actual recipe, process, and amount of runs performed. 


How to Make Moonshine


Making moonshine is a great hobby that isn’t reserved for those who excel at science. In fact, making moonshine is something just about anyone and everyone can do. One of the reasons for this is because there are so many different recipes and approaches you can take to making moonshine. 

Your moonshine recipe can be as simple or as complicated as you would like it to be. Did you know you can make moonshine with nothing more than sugar, water, and bread yeast? 

Of course, this simple recipe will not yield the same results as some of its more complicated counterparts.


However, the beauty of making moonshine is that you can start simply and develop new techniques over time. This is a great way to perfect your perfect blend to show off to family and friends. 

When you are able to continue to grow and develop your skills the act of making moonshine will never be boring. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that your reward for all your skill is a kick ass glass of moonshine. 

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Choosing the Right Still



When making moonshine, a quality still can make all the difference. When you are just starting out, choosing a moonshine still can easily seem overwhelming. After all, someone who has never run a still before is not likely to know what to look for. 

Mist 1 Gallon Air Still 




When choosing a still the first thing to consider is the type of still you would like to use. You can go for simplicity and ease of use and get an air still. 


Our Mist 1 Gallon Air Still is extremely popular amongst those who want to try their hand at making moonshine in a super simple way. 

The Mist’s signature design makes this still both compact and simple to use. Its plug-and-play technology means that you can easily make moonshine at the touch of a button. This still is perfect for those shiners who want to create a neutral spirit without all the work. 


Instead the Mist allows for a very ‘hands-off’ approach for making moonshine which is perfect for our sugar shine recipe. 


While the Mist may not yield that high ABV that moonshine is known for, it can create a neutral spirit perfect for flavoring and recreating every favorite liqueur in your cabinet. 

The Copperhead All-in-One- Stovetop Still 



Of course, not all shiners are happy with a simple shine recipe with a lower ABV. Instead, many of our shiners prefer strong shine and a moonshine still capable of many recipes and large runs. 

What the Copperhead may lack in simplicity, it certainly makes up in performance. The Copperhead is a great upgrade for those who are ready to take on more complex recipes and advanced techniques. 

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The Copperhead is designed with duality in mind. First in its construction. The Copperhead combines the best of both worlds with both a stainless steel body and copper coils. 

Stainless steel is both durable and easy to clean making it a great option for a moonshine still.


While stainless steel is a great option for an economical moonshine still, it still needs an additional element in order to truly make a great tasting shine.



The copper coils on the Copperhead is what truly takes it to the next level. Copper is an important material when it comes to making moonshine. This is because without any copper elements your moonshine can end up taking on a ‘rotten egg’ taste and smell which results in a less than optimal final result. 

However, when you add a copper element such as the copper coils in the Copperhead, you are able to then neutralize the sulfur in your mash (rotten egg smell and taste) and make better tasting shine without any additional effort. 

The Copperhead also has the ability to be both a still and a fermentor. This change is as simple as switching over a few elements and getting a brand new product.

This is a great option for those new to moonshining. Not only do you have less equipment to buy, but you also have less equipment to store. It’s a win-win for any shiner.