Best Yeast for Moonshine
Best Yeast for Moonshine
Best Yeast for Moonshine
Best Yeast for Moonshine
Best Yeast for Moonshine

Best Yeast for Moonshine

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Our Whiskey Distillery Yeast for Moonshine gives you professional moonshine results at home. 


  • Includes high end commercial whiskey ingredients
  • Cultured to create a unique flavor 
  • Creates robust and authentic aromatics
  • Perfect for all size batches



Our high-quality yeast is a pure culture whiskey strain of Saccharomyces Cerevisiae. This strain is common in commercial whiskey production, with robust and authentic aromatics even in high-alcohol fermentations.

Can yeast make your moonshine even better? We challenge you to make your best moonshine yet with our distillery yeast! 

This distillery yeast is carefully cultured to create a unique flavor, delivering flavors and aromas to your still that are not easily replicated without the right yeast strain. Perfect for all size batches, choose our yeast to ensure your final product has a memorable flavor.


Best Yeast for Moonshine Mash


Our yeast is professionally crafted to get the most out of your mash. To get your best shine every time our yeast includes complete nutrition and amyloglucosidase, to help with starch conversion. 

With our advanced yeast, you can experience complete dextrin conversion, maximum yield, and rapid fermentation. One package is sufficient for 6.6-gallon fermentation. 

Our yeast is formulated to give you big results in a short amount of time. It offers fast fermentation, a full flavor profile, and an optimal alcohol yield. With this yeast, you can trust you're getting the best flavor and strength out of every mash.


Ideal Water Start Temp: 86° F
Ferment Temp Range: 63 - 73° F (17 - 23° C)

What Kind of Yeast is Best for Moonshine? 

There are many different types of yeast that can be used for making moonshine, bread yeast, distillers yeast, and turbo yeast. Each option has its own advantages and disadvantages. 

Turbo Yeast: 

Turbo yeast is a popular option for those who are looking for fast results with a high ABV. Of course, this would seem like the easy answer, but it is not that simple. While turbo yeast may be an easy way to cut down on your fermentation time, it also has its disadvantages. 

The biggest disadvantage to Turbo Yeast is that it can cause your moonshine to have an unpleasant taste. Many seasoned shiners steer clear for this reason. 

Bread Yeast: 

Bread yeast is a great option for those looking for a cheap and simple option for their shine. With proper preparation and care bread yeast can be just as effective as a specialized yeast. However, those new to shining may not have the knowledge or ability to add their own nutrients and may be unhappy with their final result. 

Distiller’s Yeast:

Distiller’s yeast is a great option for those who want great results with minimal effort. All of the nutrients are already in place to get the best results for your moonshine mash every time. 

It's a simple solution for great flavor and reliable results. Plus, its highly-concentrated composition reduces time and effort for fast and easy distilling.

How Much Yeast for Moonshine?

The amount of yeast needed for your moonshine mash will vary by the type of yeast you are using. Turbo or Distiller’s yeast will have guidelines printed on their packaging to make it fail-proof. 

If you are using bread yeast you can use the ratio of 2 to 4 grams of dried yeast for every gallon of mash.

What Do I Do if My Yeast Isn’t Working? 

A great indicator your fermentation is going to be successful is the formation of kraeusen which is the foamy head of the yeast.

This should form within the first four hours of fermentation but can take as long as 24 hours. If this has not formed in 24 hours, you need to pitch in additional yeast. 

How to Activate Yeast for Moonshine

You can activate the yeast for moonshine in the same way you proof moonshine when making bread. This proofing essentially gives your yeast a head-start and is a great boost to your fermentation. 

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