It is a given fact that once one learns how to moonshine they are able to easily save much more than they would in buying commercially prepared spirits. It is thus considered to be one of the best methods of preparing either whisky or the good old rotgut where there are both resource saving and an easy enjoyable process that is very ideal for passing of any extra time that one may have. It however requires that one has all the facts in place including the kind of equipment that they should use and that they require for the best and desired results. The good thing about all these is that the equipment required are not used in this process only but are required for other home activities such as the preparation of home brew beer, making of cider and grain beer brewing. It is thus an economical process that will enable one to easily save as they obtain more than one home requirement. Read history of moonshine

The ideal thing about these equipments is that they are easily made at home where some of them are actually available at the homes only that one does not know of their existence. Improvising is one of the best ways to ensure that the economics are manageable and that one does not spend much more than they would have by simply buying the need product. There are those equipments however that one will find easier to buy rather than making them. This is because they are cheaper this way as compared to the making process. A still is one of such equipments that would give one such a big headache as they figure out how to make. It involves complicated processes such as soldiering which would involve a lot of technical know-how. It is however very much easier and cheaper if one just decided to purchase it from local store and get on with the preparation process. Some of the equipments on the other hand can be made but have adverse effects on the moonshine such that it is toxic and harmful for consumption. It is therefore wise to buy those equipments that one finds complicated to find or make.

There are different types of equipment require for making different types of spirits. The equipment used here thus greatly depends on the type of drink one intends to make and hence the type of additives also depends on the drink one intends to make. Additives such as essences are a good way of making mimic spirits that largely are similar to particular types of spirits. The trick here however is that one does not make a particular type of spirit but rather to make a neutral one that he is able to easily flavor and produce a drink mimicking a particular type of spirit or drink such as bourbon, rum, whiskey, scotch, vodka, schnapps, brandy and many more. The trick is that one does not make these spirits but rather makes neutral spirits that he adds essences to mimic or give the drink a similar taste to a particular type of drink. It is thus a nice way of making different types of spirits that taste similar to a particular drink that one finds attractive yet at the same time it is not the particular spirit.

That said the process is a very simple one that will require very simple to get equipment. For the manufacture of a neutral spirit one would thus require very few equipment that they can easily find. These include a fermented and a still which are the major ones. A still can be that of pot, fractionating or reflux. Other equipments required include a mixing spoon, some buckets to transfer water into, a few glass demijohns about three of them to catch your moonshine and an Alco meter. With these items one can easily begin the process which they would find very simple and quite efficient.

However, for the making of specific types of spirits such as real whiskey, bourbon or anything else that has grains such as malted barley, rye, wheat then there is an extra step required to be undertaken and which would involve finding some extra equipment. These specific spirits require a mashing step that ensures that the starch contained in the wheat is unlocked to fermentable sugar that can easily be fermented into the required drink. This step thus requires that one finds a good picnic cooler or Esky which will make the work pretty easy. Mashing using this equipment is very easy since all that one has to do is put all the substances in the required parts and the process is simplified. There are however different ways of going about the process but for a detailed description one can find further assistance by reading on the distilling basics section where they can decide what process to use and hence which equipment to use.

There are other equipments that one may find useful though not really a must have for the process. A hygrometer is one such equipment without which one can still go about the process very easily. However other equipment such as an Alco meter are a must have since without them one cannot be able to tell the strength of their spirit which can be very risky. It is thus advisable that one finds the equipment that works and most importantly that works best for them such that they are able to easily obtain whatever drink they are preparing.