Lemonade Moonshine Recipe

Lemonade Moonshine Recipe

Make a sweet spirit that tastes like summer with our Lemonade Moonshine Recipe.


Picture this:


You’re eight years old, and your dad just taught you how to build a lemonade stand outside your house. You spend the morning concocting the perfect lemonade with your mom in the kitchen, and then you pack your cooler, grab your change jar and head out on your very first business endeavor.




You remember your first customer clearly. They walk up, compliment you on your craftsmanship, and give you a dollar for a glass of your sweet and tarty homemade lemonade. Aaaah. So refreshing.


Now imagine you can bring back that nostalgic, summertime feeling…with alcohol.


This Lemonade Moonshine recipe is sure to take you right back to those hot summer days, and I can guarantee once you take a sip, you won’t be able to stop.


But don’t be fooled, flavored moonshine still packs a punch and will definitely give you a strong summer buzz, so make sure to ‘shine responsibly.


A Drink with a lot of History





Moonshine wasn’t always able to be enjoyed so easily. In fact, the name moonshine literally is taken from the fact that this type of homemade alcohol had to be made by the light of the moon.


Moonshining became particularly popular during prohibition when producing, transporting and consuming alcohol was not allowed due to the 18th amendment to the Constitution of the United States.


While this caused a lot of strife for those who were missing their favorite spirits, there were some positive outcomes out of this era in history-namely NASCAR.


Those who were responsible for transporting alcohol during this period soon started to retrofit their vehicles to make them able to drive faster to avoid the police. After prohibition ended in 1933 many drivers continued to have regular races to keep their skills sharp, and so NASCAR was born.

Finding the Right Equipment for the Job




Moonshining is gaining popularity fast. With fun recipes and endless possibilities it seems everyone wants to get started making their own spirits at home. While moonshining is fun and can produce great results-the right equipment is key.


The great thing about making moonshine is that you can make great tasting spirits out of common ingredients. However, this does require some specialized equipment. Mainly, a distiller.


Fortunately, there are simple all-in-one kits and even air still kits that are about the size of your kitchen kettle.





Our Moonshine Cherry  air still can live on your counter and distill your quality moonshine in just two hours! When it comes to making quality spirits, having the right equipment can make the job easier and help you to produce quality results.

With a quality moonshine kit you can fine tune your technique to produce the perfect blend of moonshine, every time. Use that moonshine to make a wide range of alcoholic beverages and recipes as well.



Why We Love this Recipe


The fresh taste of lemonade carries so much nostalgia for so many and is also just a refreshing way to cool down on a hot summer day. By pairing the sweet citrus zing of lemon with the sharp bite of moonshine you have a fun drink perfect for any summer party.

Ways to serve Lemonade Moonshine




Mason jars are traditionally associated with moonshine, but in recent years they have also become a trendy way to add a ‘rustic’ and ‘farmhouse’ touch to any gathering. Try filling a mason jar with ice, lemonade moonshine and a few slices of fresh lemon. For a festive touch, add a paper straw to sip with.


For a sweet twist add fresh crushed strawberries to the mix and blend with ice for an extra sweet drink that can knock you off your feet.


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