Distillate To Water Calculator

Learn how to determine just how much shine your mash will produce with our distillate to water calculator. 



Making moonshine is a fun way to share your love of spirits with friends and family. However, those new to the hobby can easily become overwhelmed with all of the many new skills there are to learn to make a successful run. 

While making moonshine seems like it would be a hobby similar to cooking a new recipe in the kitchen, in reality, it is much closer to your high school science classes. 

This is because while making moonshine may start with cooking a mash in the kitchen, in order for your run to be successful, you need to pay attention to things like temperature, time, and pH. 

Funnily enough, the finicky nature of moonshine has more in common with baking than cooking. 

Is Making Moonshine Hard? 




One of the best things about making moonshine is that it really can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. 


You can start out with a simple sugar shine recipe using an air still and move all the way up to curating aged spirits. 

At How to Moonshine, we are here for you every step of the way. That means our support doesn’t start or end with the purchase of one of our quality craft stills.


Easy Step-by-Step Recipes



Instead, we pride ourselves on our ability to create easy to follow step-by-step recipes. These recipes take you through the moonshine-making process step by step without assuming you are an expert in the field. 

We have recipes to suit different tastes. So whether you want to make jolly rancher moonshine for your next party or absinthe to sip with your significant other, we have the perfect option for you. 

Don’t see the recipe you need? Simply reach out to us! Many of our new concoctions have come from ideas from our customers! 

How-to Guides



Making moonshine is more than following a recipe! Our how-to guides make it easy to learn the basic skills necessary to actually successfully follow the three steps to making moonshine: creating a mash, fermenting, and distilling. 

Our how-to guides guide you through the skills necessary in a straightforward manner that is easy for even an absolute beginner to understand.


We also have a YouTube channel full of videos to give you visual instructions. For example, we have step-by-step assembly videos for our stills to make the process easier. We also offer manuals for each individual still to take you through their assembly and function thoroughly. 



In addition, we have a FREE Ebook, ‘How to Make Moonshine’ that will take you through the process of making your first mash, the dos and don’ts of fermentation, and exactly how to fractionate like a pro. 


Moonshine Tools



Our newest innovation is our moonshine tools. Our tools are a great ‘cheat sheet’ to help you get the information you need to make a great batch of shine every time. 

Our distillate to water calculator is a great guide for those preparing for their first run and unsure what end result they can expect. 


With this calculator, you can simply input the volume of wash you have and the % of alcohol in the wash. 

You can find this calculation using our Moonshine Gravity Calculator. 

With these numbers, you will find out the amount of moonshine output you can expect during distillation as well as the amount of water that would be left in your still. 

This is an especially useful tool for those new to moonshining as many are hesitant to do their first run and any additional information makes it easy to take that first step. 

Quality Craft Moonshine Stills



Of course, all of this information is useless if you don’t have a quality still to make moonshine with. 

In fact, many moonshine stills on the market are made of cheap materials, with little or no instructions, and even less support. 

At How to Moonshine, we not only believe in providing a high level of support, but we also believe in providing easy-to-use stills that are both practical and affordable. 

Mist 1 Gallon Air Still


Our Mist 1 Gallon Air Still is the perfect option for those who want a simple option to make their own spirits. 

The Mist is about the same size as your kitchen kettle and just as easy to use. Its ‘plug and play’ technology means that you can actually distill your moonshine at the touch of a button. 

Does this sound too good to be true? Well, it is true but the Mist is not right for every kind of moonshiner or even every kind of shine. 

We recommend the Mist for those who want an easy-to-use still that can make neutral spirits that can easily be flavored and replace many of the specialty liquors in your liquor cabinet. 

However, the Mist is not the right still for everyone.


The Mist is ideal for those who want to make a simple sugar shine into a neutral spirit. While these spirits are a great replacement for the vodka or flavored spirits in your favorite drink, it will not create the high ABV spirits associated with moonshine. 

So the Mist is an ideal still for a certain type of shiner, it is not the right still for everyone. 

The Copperhead All-in-One Moonshine Still Kit


Those who want to take their shining to the next level will likely enjoy the Copperhead still. 

The Copperhead Still is a great option for those who want to take their moonshine skills to the next level. 

The Copperhead is a blend of stainless steel, which is easy to clean and maintain, as well as copper, which neutralizes the sulfur in your mash and makes for better tasting shine. 

The Copperhead is simple to use and straightforward to set up. Not only is it a great still, but it can also be used as a fermentor. This means there is less upfront investment and also less equipment to store. 

It is an ideal small still for those who want to start making high ABV shine in modest quantities.