How to Store Moonshine in a Moonshine Jar

How to Store Moonshine in a Moonshine Jar

Store your moonshine the right way with a classic moonshine jar!


From the early American pioneers, moonshine has become an integral part of the American society.

More than 100 years later, the practice of moonshine still continues. With an ambundance of moonshine recipes and how-to guides available online, it seems moonshining is on the rise.

More and more people are realizing that you can easily make your own alcoholic beverages with the help of some ingredients. It adds a little twist to the taste and many people even prefer it to the regular alcoholic beverage.

There is a specific technique when it comes to making moonshine and a moonshine jar is an important component. 

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It Helps Keep the Taste In

A moonshine jar is typically made out of glass. When you make moonshine, it is important you store it for a while, depending on the technique you use this can mean anywhere from days to weeks. Keeping it in a glass moonshine jar ensures that the taste of the shine develops properly and stays.

You Can Tell When It Has Aged

The good thing about using a glass jar is you can see the inside content of what is stored. With moonshine, it is important that you know when it has “aged” well so it can be consumed. Storing it in a glass jar allows you to do just that and notice the slight transition in color of the moonshine as it “ages”.

Moonshine doesn’t really age, it is however stored for a while so the taste in it develops properly but the storage time is a lot less compared to wine.

Develops a Better Taste

The thing with moonshine jar is that they are specifically made for moonshine. So they are made keeping in mind how storage and developing of taste should be for the best moonshine. So storing moonshine in a moonshine jar ensures that the taste of the moonshine develops in the right manner.

Keeps the Moonshine Secure

You can safely store the moonshine in cold temperature or room temperature with a moonshine jar. This may not be the case with a plastic bottle. The jar ensures that the moonshine remains as it should without it going bad or anything.

It Looks Much Cooler

When you think moonshine, you think a mason jar. The two go hand in hand. Moonshine just looks cooler when you drink it from a mason jar. Not only does it ensure the moonshine stays fresh but the jar also gives it the “authentic” moonshine feel that you would get during the prohibition period.

Quality Moonshine Ages Better

If you are new to making moonshine, you will quickly learn that there are many different techniques and methods to try.  It will take a bit of time to gain the needed experience before you will be able to manufacture the perfect spirits. 

High-quality moonshine has a longer shelf life than your low-quality spirits because these products are properly distilled and contain high alcohol percentages.   A low-quality moonshine can easily lose its taste or aroma if it is stored for more than a year.

If you want to brew the tastiest moonshine that will retain its flavor for decades to come then it is important to invest in a good quality moonshine making kit.  A proper kit gives you much more control and allows you to brew the perfect blend every time.

The Best Moonshine Still Kit To Buy

If you find that your moonshine isn’t storing well then you should upgrade to a better moonshine still kit.  The Blue Ridge 5-Gallon Stainless Steel Stovetop Moonshine Still Kit is an ideal still for home use.

This moonshine kit comes complete with everything you need for making your own whiskey at home.

The set includes a fermentation barrel, distillation tower, and a water pump as well as many other accessories. 

This moonshine kit can be used on any type of stove which makes it ideal for home moonshine brewing.



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How to Store Moonshine in A Jar

Moonshine is one of the strongest alcoholic beverages.  It cannot expire or go bad and many believe that as long as you contain this fluid in a proper jar and store it in the right conditions, it should be able to last indefinitely.

Before you can store your moonshine in a jar, you will need to bottle it up in a good quality jar.

How Do You Bottle Moonshine In A Jar?

To bottle moonshine in a jar, you will need a series of clean jars that have been properly disinfected.

When your moonshine is cooled down completely, you can simply pour it into the jar.  Moonshine has a very high alcohol percentage and this alcohol percentage will kill any bacteria that might linger in the jar.  This means you do not need to disinfect or boil your jars before storing moonshine in it.

Simply pour your moonshine into the clean jars and seal it tight and your product is all done and ready for storing.

The Right Way to Store Moonshine

Moonshine can last for years but you need to store it under the right conditions.  The characteristics of your spirits can change if it is exposed to heat, light and air changes.  Ideally, it isn’t too good to store an open jar of moonshine for too long because the taste might change after some time.

To properly store your moonshine, simply stack it in a dark area that doesn’t endure too many temperature changes.  Your kitchen pantry or even food cabinets are a good place to stash moonshine for as long as you like.