Moonshine is known for its strength and high ABV, but what about if you need to dilute your shine for a lightweight? Enter our dilution calculator. 

While moonshine was once the only alternative to a sober lifestyle, it is now just one option among many. However, it has still managed to retain its popularity. 

In fact, moonshine has seen a surge of new enthusiasts and has seemingly achieved mainstream popularity. 

There are many different theories on why the sudden interest in making and consuming this neutral spirit with a high ABV. 


Why is Moonshine so Popular? 


Most agree that the popularity likely has to do with Discovery’s popular docu series ‘Moonshiners’ and the emergence of ‘supermarket moonshine’. 


Ironically enough, the ‘supermarket moonshine’ is not actually moonshine at all, despite its name. 

This is because the name moonshine actually refers to the manner in which the spirit is produced. Moonshine literally came from the expression ‘by the light of the moon’ because many shiners produced or ran their shine under the cover of night to keep themselves out of prison. 

As commercially made shine is obviously not made in this manner, it really shouldn’t be called moonshine. 

How to Make Moonshine



Unfortunately, making moonshine is not as easy as enjoying it. Many people don’t realize that making moonshine usually takes a couple of weeks! It isn’t as simple as mixing up a few ingredients in the kitchen and running them through a still. In fact, making moonshine is closer to executing a science experiment than following a recipe. 

While it can be a complex process, there are ways to make it easier. Namely, our How to Make Moonshine Ebook, our step-by-step recipes and our quality craft stills





Another way that we have made the process simple is by creating our moonshine tools. With our ‘toolbox’ we take a lot of the guesswork out of making moonshine. 

Our ‘dilution tool’ is designed to help make changing the ABV of your moonshine easier. While many people produce moonshine to enjoy a spirit with high ABV, it is not appealing to everyone. 

Diluting your moonshine to lower the ABV is not only a good idea, it could be a lifesaving one. Drinking spirits with high ABV or ‘proof’ can lead to serious impairments and even alcohol poisoning. 

In addition, drinking spirits with a high proof needs to be done with much more care than your typical 40% spirit. Instead of ‘shooting’ or chugging your drink, it is important to sip. 

If you are serving your moonshine, diluting it is a great idea to safeguard yourself and your guests. Our dilution tool is an easy way to change the ABV of your shine to make it a little easier to swallow. 



Is Making Moonshine Hard? 




Making moonshine can be extremely difficult, but it can also be super simple. That is one of the best parts about this hobby. You can start off with a very simple recipe, such as sugar or honey shine, which requires very little effort. 


Simple sugar shine is easy to make and still yields great results. You can even use a simple still, like our Mist One Gallon Air Still. 

The Mist is a great option for those new to shining because of its simple design. The Mist is about the size of your kitchen kettle and just as easy to use. 

It features ‘plug and play’ technology which means that making your own moonshine is as easy as pressing a button. 

The Mist is a very popular option for those who are first jumping into the hobby of making moonshine or those who want a simple way to recreate their favorite spirits for a fraction of the price. 

Taking Your Moonshine to The Next Level



Just as making moonshine can be simple, it can also be quite complex. Our moonshine tools are a great way to take your moonshining skills to the next level. Using our tools can help give you the confidence to attempt some of the more advanced moonshine techniques (our how-to guides are also a big help!) 

With more advanced techniques also come more advanced moonshine stills. At How to Moonshine we also have a selection of quality craft stills for those who are ready to take their moonshining to the next level. 



Our Copperhead All-in-One Still Kit is a great option for those who are ready for a bigger challenge than a simple sugar shine and want to perfect their moonshine skills. 

The Copperhead combines the durability of stainless steel with copper coils. These coils are very important to the process of moonshining because copper is actually able to remove sulfur smells and tastes from your shine. 

In addition to these two metals, the Copperhead also combines a fermentor and a still. This is a great option for moonshine as the equipment tends to be large and expensive. By combining these two items the Copperhead saves both time and space. 

Easy Step-by-Step Recipes


In addition to quality stills, we also create easy to follow step-by-step recipes. Unlike many recipes floating around the web, we do not assume our customers are already experts in the field of making moonshine. 

We take you through our recipes step-by-step with many different options to suit different tastes.  So whether you want to sample peanut butter moonshine or make your own brandy, we have the perfect option for you. 

Don’t see the recipe you need? Simply reach out to us! Many of our new concoctions have come from ideas from our customers!