The Sweetest Honey Moonshine

The Sweetest Honey Moonshine

Are you looking for a great tasting and easy to make moonshine recipe? Well we have the perfect option for you: honey moonshine. 

Many of those who are new to moonshining enjoy making sugar shine because it is simple to make, low cost and a great base shine for flavoring. However, those who want a simple recipe that will yield a great tasting shine have a great option in a close relative of sugar: honey. 

The Buzz Around Honey Shine


Honey moonshine


Honey moonshine, also known as ‘honeyshine’ is a moonshine with a reputation for being a hit with moonshine enthusiasts as well as those who simply enjoy a great tasting spirit. Honey shine is a close relative of sugar shine, but it has some marked differences. 

While both honey moonshine and sugar shine are fairly easy to make and the mash requires no conversion (since it is all sugar) one major difference is in the price.


While sugar shine can be made for a relatively low cost, honey is one of the most expensive ingredients you can use to make a mash. In fact, the large amount of honey in this recipe (1 Gallon) can cost upwards of $50.

We suggest making friends with a local bee farmer to get the best price possible and of course to support local. 

While honey shine may be a costly endeavor, it is not one without merit. In fact, honey shine is recognized as a delicious spirit all on its own.


While sugar shine does not need to be fractionated, honey shine will need to be fractionated just like a typical grain mash. It also should be aged for about two weeks using oak chips. Taking these few extra steps are important to make sure that the investment you made in your honey will result in a delicious tasting moonshine. 


Best grain for making moonshine

The Right Still Makes all the Difference




Investing in a quality still is also an important ‘ingredient’ in making a great tasting moonshine. After all, you can’t make a great honeyshine if your still is too difficult or complicated to use. In addition to finding a still that is easy to operate, it is also important to have a still that uses quality parts. 

We love The Standard. Superior build, materials and its even electric! That means you can set and control your temperature easily. Making quality shine has never been easier. 

In addition to its smart design, this still also does double duty as both a fermentor and a still saving you both money and space in the kitchen.


The Standard has everything you need to get started on your first run including a rigid multi-purpose barrel, a distillation tower, cheesecloth, a water pump, and a hydrometer! 



Which Yeast is Best? 



While good things come to those who wait, when it comes to honey shine it may just test your patience. 

Honey shine is known for taking its sweet time to ferment. This means that it can take about two weeks for your mash to ferment with ‘regular’ yeast. However, there is always an option to use ‘Turbo Yeast’. Turbo yeast is basically a combination of yeast and nutrients that is designed to accelerate the fermentation process. 

While the choice to use turbo yeast or not is ultimately up to the individual distiller, many believe the age-old comment of ‘it can be fast or good, but not both.’

In the end, it comes down to personal preference. Many seasoned distillers will develop their own nutrient mix that they add to their yeast. There are many different versions of ‘diy turbo yeast.’



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