Amazing Banana Moonshine Recipe

Amazing Banana Moonshine Recipe

This Banana moonshine recipe will make you go bananas for its simplicity, cost-effectiveness and of course, the delicious results! 

Making moonshine is a great hobby for those who want to learn how to become a little less dependent on ‘big business’ and learn how to create delicious spirits from the comforts of home. 


A Drink Rich in History 




Of course, moonshinin’ isn’t a new hobby. In fact, this American tradition is older than the USA itself. In fact, fermenting excess grain became popular with early pioneers, particularly those in grain-producing states. 

It didn’t take long for farmers to realize that whiskey was worth more than the corn it was produced with. In fact, whiskey soon became an acceptable form of currency. Imagine if that was still available today! 

Of course, some things are too good to last. Soon enough it was determined that whiskey should become taxable as a way to help pay for the Revolutionary war.

Soon, a whiskey tax was introduced and making your own spirits became illegal. Would-be distillers now had to go underground in order to avoid detection. And so, with this new ‘whiskey tax’, the term ‘moonshine’ came into existence. It was so named because whiskey was now made by the light of the moon. 

Is Moonshine Illegal? Check out our guide to learn how to protect yourself


Banana Moonshine Mash




Modern shiners don’t have to worry about hiding their stills out in the woods. In addition to having the ability to use modern stills and conveniences, today’s moonshiners have access to a wide variety of recipes. In fact, with today’s modern conveniences, you can make moonshine out of just about anything-even bananas!

Bananas are a great option for those who want to make a fruit mash without spending a small fortune. One of the best parts about bananas is that they are cheap!


While many fruit recipes can cost you a small fortune (unless you make a deal with a local farmer) making banana moonshine is extremely cost effective. 

Not only is making banana moonshine cheap compared to other fruit mashes, it is also cheap when compared with other grain mashes.


Grain-based mashes require a malted barley, usually in addition to cracked corn, in order to make your mash. These two ingredients aren’t terribly expensive when you compare the volume of whiskey they produce.


However, they still can’t touch the economic efficiency of a couple of bunches of bananas. Bananas are also extremely easy to find. On the other hand, cracked corn and malted barley are a bit more of a challenge. 

No Need for a Mash Conversion with Banana Moonshine



Not only is making banana moonshine inexpensive, it is also easy. The reason that this recipe is fairly easy is because you don’t have to worry about mash conversion.

When you make moonshine with a grain-based recipe, you need to cook the grain in order to convert it from a grain into a fermentable sugar. With a fruit-based mash like this one, you are able to skip this step which saves a lot of time. 

The Right Equipment Makes All the Difference


One of the most intimidating steps of making moonshine is undoubtedly distillation. At How to Moonshine, we make it as simple as possible with our easy to use craft stills and step by step instructions. 

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