Amazing Gingerbread Moonshine Recipe

Amazing Gingerbread Moonshine Recipe

Our gingerbread moonshine recipe will help you capture that holiday feeling all year long. 

Is there anything that says the holiday season more than the spicy and sweet taste of gingerbread?

Whether you are assembling a house for the kids to decorate or enjoying a sweet taste of a gingerbread cookie, this classic melody of flavors just screams the holidays. 

Of course, holidays and cocktails often go hand in hand. What better way to get through the holidays than a touch of the holiday spirit?


In fact, adding some decorative ribbon to a jar and gingerbread moonshine becomes the perfect gift. Or better yet, serve it at your next holiday party for a guaranteed crowd pleaser. 

The best part about gingerbread moonshine is the fact that you can take credit for making this delicious spirit yourself. While all the other chumps are paying big bucks at the liquor store for over priced bottles, you are creating your own delicious spirits for cents on the dollar. It all adds up to a fun and satisfying hobby. 


gingerbread moonshine

Of course, making moonshine is not a new hobby. This three step process is centuries old but a big part of the early American experience. By continuing the tradition, you are able to continue making whiskey the same way they did generations ago. While many of the recipes haven’t changed, the equipment certainly has. 


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Today’s modern moonshine stills are designed to be user friendly and produce great results right in the kitchen. In fact, many of our stills are designed to be used right on the stove. That means that you don’t have to worry about buying a separate heat source or storing a bunch of extra equipment.


In fact, we have many all in one kits that include everything you need to ferment and distill your moonshine. That means less to buy and store. 


Many who want to make flavored shines, such as this recipe, like to use an air still to make their shine. An air still is about the size of a kitchen kettle and just as easy to use. Its plug and play technology means that at a press of a button you can produce quality shine in the comforts of home. We especially love this option when making sugar shine, which is perfect for flavoring. 


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