Best No Boil Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

Best No Boil Apple Pie Moonshine Recipe

There is nothing as American as a slice of apple pie. Except perhaps a refreshing jar of apple pie moonshine! For those who really want to enter flavor country with their shine, we have created a no boil apple pie moonshine recipe. 

Apple pie moonshine is one of the most popular flavors of moonshine for good reason. It is delicious, fairly simple to make, and appeals to most palates. In fact, this kind of moonshine is often quite dangerous as it tastes so much like your favorite dessert you have to remember to sip with caution. 

Of course, when it comes to making your moonshine you have many recipe options available for your mash. However, there are a few factors to take into consideration. 

The first is the proof of your shine. Apple pie moonshine is known for its high proof. We often suggest using sugar shine when flavoring moonshine for many recipes. Since the moonshine will take on the flavor of the ingredients added, it does not make sense to use speciality shine. Save your blended and aged shine batches for solo sippin’. 

However, sugar shine is known for having a lower ABV (alcohol by volume). While it will still work for apple pie moonshine, it won’t give the same kick as fully loaded shine. For that reason, you may want to consider using a traditional moonshine as the base of your apple pie moonshine. 

Can I use Everclear in my Apple Pie Moonshine? 


What is the difference between everclear and moonshine?


The short answer is yes. 

The long answer is, come on man! We get that Everclear is an easier option than making your own moonshine. However, it is just not the same. It’s not like you can say you really made the moonshine if all you did was flavor it. 

Even though we are obviously in favor of making your own moonshine for recipes, we understand that not everyone is able or willing to do so. Of course you can use Everclear in your recipe. You can also use vodka. It will slightly alter your final product but it won’t ruin the entire recipe. 


Check out: Everclear vs Moonshine: What is the Difference? 

Do I Need to Refrigerate my Apple Pie Moonshine? 

Refrigeration is not required for apple pie moonshine (or regular moonshine for that matter) however it will increase its shelf life. In addition, heat and light can create subtle changes to the flavor of the moonshine. For this reason, it is best to store your moonshine in a cool dark place. 

Does Apple Pie Moonshine go Bad? 


No boil apple pie moonshine



Moonshine itself will never expire due to its high alcohol volume. However, when you add sugar to moonshine it does change this. In general, flavored moonshine will still last for several years as long as it is stored properly. 

What is the difference between Apple Pie Moonshine and No Boil Apple Pie Moonshine? 

The biggest difference between the two methods in the amount of time you need to wait before consuming your moonshine. With the no boil method, you are essentially infusing your moonshine with flavor and this will take time.

With the traditional method, you are boiling your flavoring to release the flavors and you are able to consume as soon as it cools down. A great option would be to experiment with both methods to see which delivers the taste and experience you are after. 

How Can You Tell if Moonshine is Safe? 


Moonshine still


One of the best ways to determine the safety of your moonshine is to make it yourself and to use the proper equipment and techniques to do so. 


One of the most important parts of making moonshine is to use completely sanitized equipment and to follow directions, especially when fractionating. 

Fractionating your moonshine is the process in which potentially harmful elements of the output from your moonshine still are removed. By following this process carefully you can ensure that you are only consuming ethanol.


Those new to moonshining are able to determine the output from their still based on the temperature. As you become more experienced, you will be able to tell the output by the smell and taste as well. 


For more information on how to fractionate check out our how to make moonshine guide.

What is the Best Equipment to Use for Making Moonshine?


At How to Moonshine, we recommend using one of our still kits to make your moonshine. Our kits are the perfect option for those who want to create good quality shine at home. Our kits are easy to assemble, use, and create quality moonshine. 

In addition, our kits are able to act as both a fermentor and a still saving you money and space in the kitchen. We also provide easy step by step guides on how to use your still as well as dozens of moonshine recipes so you will never get bored. 



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