Cinnamon Moonshine Recipe

Cinnamon Moonshine Recipe

Our cinnamon moonshine is the perfect way enjoy the spicy hit of cinnamon with the kick and burn of moonshine. It is the ultimate spirit for any season. 

What is Cinnamon Moonshine?



Cinnamon moonshine is a popular choice among those who enjoy the warming, spicy flavors of cinnamon.

Crafted with a blend of ingredients that includes real cinnamon flavor, brown sugar, and hints of heat, cinnamon moonshine is the perfect companion for those looking to sip on a flavorful, layered cocktail on ice or even enjoy it straight. 


Known for its bold cinnamon zing and smoky undertones, this all-natural cinnamon-flavored moonshine is sure to be a hit with any fan of cinnamon.


Whether you're in the mood for a cinnamon roll-inspired cocktail or a hot tamale moonshine with cinnamon sticks, cinnamon moonshine offers a taste profile that perfectly captures the essence of this timeless spice.

With its moonshine base, cinnamon moonshine boasts a strong vodka-like alcohol content that adds an extra kick to every sip.

So if you're ready to indulge in the intense flavors of cinnamon, look no further than this illicit yet tantalizing spirit.

History of Cinnamon Moonshine



The history of cinnamon moonshine traces back to the early days of American moonshining. Moonshine, or illicitly distilled alcohol, has a long and storied history in the United States. 

Cinnamon moonshine is a variant that adds a warm and spicy twist to the traditional moonshine recipe.

Its origins can be traced back to the Prohibition era, when highly potent moonshine was distilled in small American towns. 


Cinnamon was often added to the moonshine to give it a unique flavor and to mask the strong taste of the illicit alcohol.


This combination became a favorite among those who enjoyed a sipper on ice or a bold cinnamon zing.

Over the years, cinnamon moonshine has gained popularity for its distinct flavor and layers of cinnamon. It has become a constant companion for those who appreciate the heat-laden and spicy profile of cinnamon.


The cinnamon flavor adds depth and complexity to the moonshine, making it a favorite among fans of the popular spice.


Today, cinnamon moonshine is often made using all-natural cinnamon flavors and high-proof moonshine. It can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks, or as an ingredient in various cocktail recipes. 

Its versatility has also led to the development of cinnamon moonshine recipes that incorporate flavors such as apple, cherry, and cider.

Whether enjoyed as a sipper on ice or used as an ingredient in cocktails, cinnamon moonshine continues to be a beloved choice for those seeking a spicy and flavorful moonshine experience.

Ingredients of Cinnamon Moonshine



Cinnamon moonshine starts with a base of moonshine, which ensures its ever-important alcohol content. To make good quality moonshine, you need to start with professional-grade ingredients and quality equipment. 

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Quality ingredients also need quality equipment. Our Moonshine Starter Kit includes all the equipment needed to cook your moonshine mash. Our Starter Kit includes: 

  • 5 gallon moonshine pot
  • Moonshine mash paddle 
  • Cheesecloth
  • Hydrometer
  • Thermometer


Of course, a quality mash still needs a quality still. If you are looking for a full bodied shine, we recommend our Magnum All-in-One Still kit. 

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Making Quality Moonshine at Home



Quality moonshine is a key ingredient when making cinnamon moonshine.

The high alcohol content of moonshine ensures that the cinnamon moonshine is strong and packs a punch. It adds an ever-important alcohol element to the mixture, giving the spirit its characteristic heat-laden kick.

Additionally, moonshine helps to intensify the layers of flavor in the cinnamon moonshine. It acts as a base that brings all the other ingredients together, allowing the real cinnamon flavor to shine through. 


This potent spirit acts as a perfect companion to the cinnamon stick and brown sugar, adding an extra dimension to the overall taste profile.


When making cinnamon moonshine, it is important to choose a high-quality moonshine with a strong alcohol content.

This ensures that the moonshine maintains its illicit and authentic moonshine characteristics. So, if you're a fan of cinnamon and looking for a bold and flavorful moonshine experience, this recipe is the perfect fit.

Cinnamon: The Perfect Addition



The real magic happens when cinnamon is added to the mix, delivering the spicy and intense cinnamon flavor that we crave. 

To balance out the heat, a touch of brown sugar is often included, adding a hint of sweetness to the moonshine. The result is a bold and flavorful spirit that can be enjoyed on its own or mixed into a variety of cocktails. 

Whether you're a fan of cinnamon or just looking to spice up your liquor collection, cinnamon moonshine is sure to deliver a memorable sip with every pour.

Brown Sugar



Brown sugar plays a crucial role in creating the delectable flavor profile of cinnamon moonshine. With its rich and caramel-like sweetness, brown sugar perfectly complements the bold and spicy notes of cinnamon.

There are different types of brown sugar that can be used in this process. Light brown sugar, with its delicate flavor, adds a subtle sweetness to the moonshine. On the other hand, dark brown sugar, with its deeper molasses taste, brings a bolder and richer sweetness to the mix. The choice of brown sugar can affect the overall taste of the cinnamon moonshine, allowing for a personalized touch.

When crafting your own batch of cinnamon moonshine, consider the type of brown sugar that best suits your palate. 

Experimenting with both light and dark brown sugar can lead to unique and delightful results. 


Whichever option you choose, the brown sugar will add an extra layer of flavor, elevating your moonshine experience. 


So go ahead and let the golden sweetness of brown sugar enhance your cinnamon moonshine, making it a constant companion for those relaxing moments or a sipper on ice to share with friends.

Choosing the Right Cinnamon



Cinnamon is the key ingredient that gives cinnamon moonshine its authentic taste and distinct appeal. This versatile spice enhances the overall flavor profile of the moonshine blend.

True baking cinnamon is known for its warm and sweet aroma, and it adds a lovely complementary flavor to the spirit. Its nuances of sweetness and subtle spiciness perfectly complement the boldness of the moonshine. The result is a harmonious marriage of flavors that tantalize the taste buds with every sip.

When combined with cinnamon sticks and brown sugar, the cinnamon flavor adds layers of depth and complexity to the drink.

Fresh vs. Ground Cinnamon



The Cinnamon in Cinnamon Moonshine serve as the perfect complement to this enticing beverage. With its warm and sweet aroma, cinnamon adds not only a touch of sweetness but also a subtle spiciness that elevates the flavor profile of the drink.

While ground cinnamon is often used when you are sprinkling the spice into or on top of your dish, whole cinnamon sticks are used when infusing the flavor into a liquid. 


The choice between cinnamon sticks and ground cinnamon will offer a variation in flavor in your final product.


Sprinkling in cinnamon will offer a subtle flavor while infusing a cinnamon stick will offer a much more bold kick of spice. 

There are also two different types of cinnamon to choose from-cassia cinnamon and Ceylon cinnamon. 

Ceylon is often referred to as ‘true cinnamon’. Ceylon is a subtle cinnamon flavor featured in many savory Asian dishes and is primary grown in Sri Lanka. 

Cassia cinnamon has a much stronger flavor and is native to China. This type of cinnamon is often found in sweet drinks and desserts. 

The beauty of cinnamon lies in its versatility. It has long been used as a culinary spice, bringing warmth and depth to a variety of dishes and beverages. In the case of cinnamon moonshine, the addition of cinnamon takes this already delightful spirit to another level.

Benefits of Drinking Cinnamon Moonshine


Indulging in cinnamon moonshine not only provides a delightful sensory experience but also offers some surprising benefits. 

The combination of the rich flavors and the spice of cinnamon creates a unique drinking experience that is both heat-laden and comforting. 

Whether enjoyed as a sipper on ice or used as a base for creative cocktails, cinnamon moonshine offers an array of benefits that extend beyond its delicious taste.

1. Aids Digestion:

Cinnamon has been used for centuries to aid digestion, and when infused into moonshine, it provides the perfect balance of flavors alongside its natural digestive properties. 

The warm and soothing nature of cinnamon can help soothe an upset stomach, relieve indigestion, and promote healthy digestion

Sipping on cinnamon moonshine can be a comforting way to ease digestive discomfort after a hearty meal.

2. Boosts Immunity:

Cinnamon is renowned for its immune-boosting properties as it contains antioxidants, anti-inflammatory compounds, and antimicrobial components. When infused into moonshine, cinnamon's immune-boosting benefits are amplified. 

Regular consumption of cinnamon moonshine can help strengthen the immune system, protect against infections, and support overall health and wellbeing.

3. Enhances Blood Circulation:

Cinnamon has the ability to promote healthy blood circulation, which is essential for maintaining cardiovascular health.

The combination of cinnamon's natural compounds and the alcohol content in moonshine can have a positive impact on blood flow and circulation. 

Enjoying cinnamon moonshine in moderation may contribute to improved blood circulation, leading to better heart health.

4. Relieves Stress and Anxiety:

Cinnamon has a comforting and calming effect on the mind and body. When combined with moonshine, it becomes the ultimate stress-relieving elixir. 

Sipping on cinnamon moonshine can help relax the mind, soothe anxiety, and provide a sense of warmth and relaxation. It is the perfect companion for winding down after a long day or during social gatherings.

The benefits of drinking cinnamon moonshine extend beyond its enticing flavors. From aiding digestion to boosting immunity and promoting relaxation, this flavorful spirit offers a host of advantages.

However, it is important to enjoy cinnamon moonshine responsibly and in moderation to fully reap its benefits while also prioritizing one's health and well-being.

Health Benefits of Cinnamon Moonshine



Cinnamon moonshine offers a delightful drinking experience while also providing numerous health benefits for the body. The combination of cinnamon's rich flavor and the heat-laden moonshine creates a powerful elixir that can improve overall well-being.


Cinnamon is packed with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory compounds, making it a potent ingredient for promoting a healthy body. 


Regular consumption of cinnamon moonshine can aid digestion, as cinnamon has been known to soothe upset stomachs, relieve indigestion, and promote a healthy gut.

Moreover, the antioxidants in cinnamon can also enhance brain function and reduce the risk of certain diseases.

 Cinnamon has been shown to improve cognitive function and memory, making it a great beverage to enjoy for mental clarity. Additionally, cinnamon's anti-inflammatory properties may help reduce the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain types of cancer.

Enjoying cinnamon moonshine in moderation can offer a range of health benefits, from supporting digestion to enhancing brain function and reducing the risk of certain diseases. 

Embrace the spice of life and savor the rich flavors of cinnamon moonshine while reaping its many health rewards.

Relaxing Effects of Cinnamon Moonshine



In addition to its numerous health benefits, cinnamon moonshine also offers a relaxing and soothing effect for those who enjoy it. Whether sipped on ice or used as a base for creative cocktails, this warm and inviting spirit can help melt away stress and provide a much-needed escape from the demands of everyday life.

The natural warmth and spice of cinnamon create a comforting sensation as it glides down your throat.


Like a cozy blanket on a chilly evening, cinnamon moonshine wraps you in a sense of relaxation and contentment. 


The combination of cinnamon's distinct flavor and the smoothness of moonshine creates a perfect balance that allows you to fully unwind and let go of the day's worries.

Indulging in a glass of cinnamon moonshine can transport you to a world of tranquility. Its inviting aroma fills the air, evoking memories of home-baked goodies and holiday gatherings. 


The subtle hints of cinnamon stick and brown sugar dance on your palate, creating a flavor profile that is both familiar and comforting.


Unlike other spirits that may leave you feeling numb or disconnected, cinnamon moonshine acts as a constant companion, gently guiding you into a state of relaxation without overpowering your senses. 

Its subtle layers of flavor unfold with each sip, offering a delightful journey that encourages you to slow down and savor the moment.

For those who are fans of cinnamon, this smoky cinnamon moonshine is a true delight. The all-natural cinnamon flavor infuses every drop, delivering a bold cinnamon zing that is both invigorating and soothing.

It's like a warm embrace from a dear friend, providing a sense of comfort and familiarity that can't be replicated.

If you're looking to enhance your relaxation experience, cinnamon moonshine can also be used as an ingredient in various cocktail recipes. 

From a classic cinnamon roll cocktail to a spicy cinnamon whiskey blend, the possibilities are endless. Experimenting with different combinations of flavors and ingredients can add a unique twist to your evening wind-down routine.

Regardless of how you choose to indulge in it, one thing is certain - cinnamon moonshine has the power to transport you to a state of pure relaxation. 

So, kick back, pour yourself a glass, and allow the intense cinnamon flavors to melt away your stress and worries. With cinnamon moonshine as your companion, the art of relaxation becomes an experience worth savoring.

Preparation and Serving Ideas for Cinnamon Moonshine



With its spicy and warming flavors, cinnamon moonshine is a delightful treat that adds a kick to any gathering or celebration. Whether you enjoy sipping it on its own or using it as a versatile ingredient in cocktails and desserts, cinnamon moonshine is sure to impress. Let's explore some exciting preparation and serving ideas that will elevate your experience with this bold and flavorful spirit.

Once your cinnamon moonshine is ready, there are countless ways to enjoy it. As a sipper on ice, it offers a smooth and comforting experience, perfect for winding down after a long day. 

You can also incorporate cinnamon moonshine into various cocktails, such as a Cinnamon Whiskey Sour or a Cinnamon Apple Martini. The heat-laden and real cinnamon flavors truly shine through in these mixed drinks, providing a unique twist to classic recipes.

For those with a sweet tooth, using cinnamon moonshine in dessert recipes can take your treats to the next level. From cinnamon roll-inspired cupcakes to cinnamon streusel-topped pies, the possibilities are endless. 

You can even experiment with creating cinnamon-infused syrups or sauces to drizzle over ice cream or pancakes for an extra indulgent experience.

Cinnamon moonshine offers layers of flavor and a real cinnamon kick that can be enjoyed in various ways.

Whether you prefer it straight on the rocks, mixed into cocktails, or used to enhance your favorite desserts, this all-natural cinnamon flavored moonshine is a versatile and satisfying choice for any cinnamon fan. cheers to the bold cinnamon zing and the exciting creations it inspires!