DREAMsicle Moonshine Recipe

DREAMsicle Moonshine Recipe

This dreamsicle moonshine recipe will take you back to your childhood summers in just one sip. The perfect blend of orange and vanilla tastes just like those favorite creamsicle popsicle treats! 

With spring in full swing we can finally start daydreaming about the possibilities of warm weather, get togethers and of course, sippin’ on some delicious moonshine. What better way to celebrate the new found freedom that summer days allow than a delicious throw-back to your simpler days? 

Dreamsicle Moonshine 




Our dreamsicle moonshine is a delicious blend of orange juice, vanilla and moonshine to create a deliciously sippable drink that anyone would love to have. It makes a great gift, signature cocktail or sippable drink for those lazy days by the pool, beach, or lake. 

One of the best things about this recipe is that all the ingredients are easy to find. In fact, you are likely to have most of them in your kitchen at any given time. 

The flavor of this drink also has universal appeal. It is sweet with a delicious kick of moonshine that is guaranteed to have you feelin’ fine in no time at all. 

One of the hardest things about this recipe is the waiting. Of course, you can always taste test right away. However, the recipe mellows out and reaches its full flavor after about a week. 

How to Make Moonshine




Of course, not everyone has moonshine in their cupboard for this recipe. In fact, many people get inspired to start making their own moonshine after seeing all the delicious possibilities in recipes just like this one.


If you are considering making your own moonshine, but are worried it is too hard, it’s time to reconsider. 

While making moonshine is an art form. It can be as simple or as complicated as you make it. Many serious shiners spend years perfecting their perfect whiskey bland. Others choose to make a simple sugar shine because they are after something quick and easy. Either way, making moonshine is a fun hobby that anyone can enjoy. 

Sugar Shine


We often suggest making sugar shine for recipes where you will be flavoring your moonshine. The reason for this suggestion is because sugar shine is easy to make and cheap to produce. While you will get a less tasty sippin’ shine; it is the perfect option for flavoring. When you flavor your shine it will take on the flavor of the ingredients you add. So using a cheaper shine makes the most sense here. 

The Right Equipment for the Job




When making sugar shine we love to use our Moonshine Cherry Air Stil.  The Cherry is the perfect option for those who want a simple machine that takes up little space and can work at the touch of a button. 

The Moonshine Cherry is about the size of your electric kettle and just as easy to use. Simply press a button and get ready to collect your shine. 

This is our easiest still to use, which is perfect for beginners or those looking for a simple alternative. It also uses no water which makes it ideal for the cottage, camper or boat.