Lemon Drop Moonshine Recipe

Lemon Drop Moonshine Recipe

Find your next favorite drink with our lemon drop moonshine recipe.



It’s that time of year where the day is cool enough for a fall coat in the morning, but the afternoon heat has you walking around in a T-shirt. Well, if you’re looking for a drink recipe to satisfy at either time, we’ve got one for you!



The lemon drop can be one of those refreshing drinks that looks classy at a cocktail party but add some moonshine and use the following lemon drop moonshine recipe and you’ve got a thirst-quenching treat you can enjoy casually on the back porch hanging with your friends. There’s nothing sour about that!


This sugar sweet moonshine lemon juice drink is sunshine in a mason jar. The lemon colour and the sweet taste harkon back to freshly squeezed lemonade you would drink growing up, but with an adult kick of moonshine. It’s basically moonshine lemonade and who doesn’t love that?


This lemon drop moonshine recipe is an easy drink to make. It only takes a couple of ingredients and stores up to two years sealed and unsealed for up to six months.


All you need for this lemon moonshine recipe is some sugar,filtered water, freshly squeezed lemon juice, and of course, moonshine.



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Investing in a quality moonshine still kit is one of the best decisions you will ever make if you are planning on making moonshine on your own.


With a quality moonshine kit you can fine tune your technique to produce the perfect blend of moonshine, everytime. Use that moonshine to make a wide range of alcoholic beverages and recipes as well.


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 What is the Difference Between Vodka, Moonshine and Everclear? 

If you are wondering what the difference between moonshine recipes, everclear recipes, and vodka recipes is well, Everclear and moonshine are from the same unaged spirits family. The difference is Everclear is made from grain and moonshine from corn. Vodka too, in an unaged spirit and is very similar to moonshine. They are created a bit differently and have a slightly different taste.