Tempting Salted Caramel Moonshine

Tempting Salted Caramel Moonshine

Combine the delicious flavor of salted caramel with the kick of moonshine with this easy-to-follow recipe! 

Moonshine is certainly a drink with a long history. However, one of the reasons moonshine is still popular today is its ability to become a chameleon and adapt to become your next favorite drink. 

While many may think that moonshine is nothing more than a stiff drink that tastes harsh, they couldn’t be more wrong.


Moonshine can have so many different tastes because it can be made with so many different things.


This means that no matter what kind of cocktails or spirits you usually enjoy, moonshine can probably fit the bill. 

A Drink full of American History




Making moonshine is a pastime with a deep link in American history. Early American pioneers, particularly those in grain-producing states, started making moonshine as a way to preserve their excess grains.

Quickly, these early Americans learned that the value of their grain was much higher when it was fermented and distilled into whiskey. In fact, whiskey was even often used as currency during this time. 


Unfortunately, the value of moonshine was soon determined to be an easy answer to pay for the cost of the American Revolution.


A ‘whiskey tax’ was imposed for the government to earn tax from the sale of spirits and making moonshine was forced underground. 

Today the legality of making moonshine depends on the area in which you live. Check out Is Moonshine illegal? For more information on this complex issue. 


Moonshine: a three-step process



Making moonshine can be a complex process. However, making sugar shine is an easy way to create low-cost spirits to flavor. Sugar shine is not the right fit for every moonshiner, but it is perfect for flavored moonshine like this recipe. 

One of the reasons we recommend using sugar shine for flavored moonshine is because the end result tastes like salted caramel.

There is no point in creating a grain-based moonshine with complex flavor notes only to end up with a result that will be flavored to taste a different way.

Instead, creating a simple spirit using cheap ingredients is the best base for this type of recipe. 

Making your mash



The first step in creating moonshine is to make your mash. With grain-based recipes, you need to cook your grains to release the starch and then convert those starches into fermentable sugar. This is not a difficult process. However, it does require a longer amount of time and ingredients that are more complex and expensive. 

With sugar shine, all you need to do is prepare a simple syrup using sugar and water. There are no grains to cook or convert, so the process is quicker, simpler, and more cost-efficient. It is a great first recipe for a brand new shiner. 

Check out this video with step-by-step instructions on how to make sugar shine! 





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Making moonshine doesn't have to be difficult! With the Moonshine Cherry Airstill.  With the Cherry distilling your moonshine is as simple as pressing a button! This is because our simple still does not use water. Instead your mash is cooled using an internal fan. 

This still is perfect for the boat, cottage, trailer or anywhere with limited access to water. It is also the perfect still for those looking for a simple way to make their favorite spirits at home. 

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Making Salted Caramel Sugar Shine



Now that you know how to make sugar shine, you are ready to flavor your shine. Sugar shine makes a good volume of moonshine so you are able to try many different infusion recipes. 

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