The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still
The Standard Moonshine Still

The Standard Moonshine Still

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Tired of not reaching your shine potential? Take your spirits game to the next level with The Standard - a first-class column still with copper mesh packing for exceptional high-proof spirits in a single run.

Thanks to the built-in electric heating system, there's no need to manually manage the temperature. Just set it and let the still work its magic!

And with the simple drain spout for effortless drainage, you can spend less time working and more time enjoying your shine.

The Standard does double duty - it's not just a top-tier still, it's a distiller, too. Get ready to level up to The Standard and enjoy superior shine today!





Still Height: 45.5 inches or 116 cm

Barrel height: 29.5 cm or 11.5 inches

Diameter of the reflux column: 38 mm or 1.5 inches




  • Dry burn prevention
  • Electric power with temperature control
  • Drainage tap
  • 20L barrel (5.25 gallons) 


The Benefits of a Reflux Column Still 

There are many benefits to owning a reflux column still. First of all, column stills are just pretty to look at. While a pot still may look like a distant cousin of something you already have in your cupboard, a column still is definitely more of a work of art. 

A column still is a great option if you want to create a neutral spirit with a high ABV.


You can also add a gin basket which allows you to flavor your moonshine during distillation for a subtle infusion of flavor. 

A reflux still is also the best option for creating fuel ethanol. 

In commercial applications, column stills are a preferred option because they are capable of continuous distillation. This allows for a more consistent final product. 

Why Buy From Us? 

At How to Moonshine we want to guide you every step of the way through your moonshining journey. 

Free E-book

We offer a FREE How to Make Moonshine E-book that takes you through the process step-by-step. This is a great way to become educated and learn what it takes to make delicious spirits from the comforts of home. 

We also have a large ‘how-to’ section which has in-depth articles walking you through different processes in a straightforward and easy-to-understand manner. 

We Offer Great After Care

We offer amazing aftercare for all of our shiners. We are available through instant message and email to answer any questions you may have about your still or about making moonshine itself. 

We also have a large library of moonshine recipes. You can always find a new recipe to try or a cocktail to make. Making moonshine will never get boring. 

Our Stills Are Amazing

We have a great collection of stills to suit any shiner. From our ‘press and play’ Moonshine Cherry to our premium Standard, we can find the perfect still for you. 

Unike many of our competitors we offer detailed and illustrated manuals that walk you through the assembly of your still and how to make distilled water, spirits, and essential oils. 

Pot Still Vs. Reflux Stills

To understand which still will be the best fit for you as a shiner you need to know what type of spirit you want to produce. 

Considering the design of a column still and a pot still are so different, it makes sense that they would produce different results. 

What is a Pot Still?

A pot still, such as the Magnum, is designed to collect and condense the alcohol vapors that come off of your boiling mash. Your pot still will produce a spirit that has an alcohol purity between 40 to 60% which is full of flavor. 

Pot stills also do batch distillation. Once you have run your mash you have the opportunity to run it again to increase the purity to around 70-85%. In fact, when you see pictures of moonshine jugs with XXX, it actually refers to the number of times the shine has been distilled. However, it is important to note that with each distillation, you will also lose flavor. 

What is a Reflux Column Still? 

A column still is so named for its tall column which connects the kettle or pot and the condenser. This column can be packed (often with copper mesh) in order to allow the vapor to condense and trickle back down through the packing. This reflux of liquid will increase the purity as you are essentially doing multiple distillations in a single run. 

Using copper as your packing gives the additional benefit of removing any sulphur from your mash. This will remove the unappealing smell and taste-like stinky eggs, that sulphur can leave in your spirit. 

Size Does Matter

When it comes to column stills, size really does matter. The taller the packed column the more opportunity for reflux and the purer the final result. The diameter of the column will also impact the amount of vapor and reflux that travels in the column. 

With a pure result also comes a very neutral final product which is great if you want to make vodka or flavor your moonshine after distillation. 

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