1500W Band Heater for White Lightning Still

1500W Band Heater for White Lightning Still

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Experience the ultimate efficiency and safety with our 1500W Band Heater for Premium Kettle. Say goodbye to the risk of scorching and uneven heating with our innovative design that distributes heat evenly across the kettle's sides. Elevate your brewing experience today with this powerful heating solution.

Our 1500W Band Heater for White Lightning Still is the hassle-free way to heat your premium kettle with our 1500W Band Heater - no need to worry about weight restrictions like with a hotplate!

These band heaters are specifically made to fit our 8 gallon White Lightning Still.  It is important to ensure that the diameter of your kettle precisely matches the band heater, as it will wrap snugly around it.

We cannot guarantee that our band heaters will fit any type of kettle other than our White Lightning Moonshine Still.

Note: Band heaters are electric heating elements, and they will short out if you get them wet.


  • Made of stainless steel, matching the finish on your kettle
  • 110V
  • 1500W
  • 13.98" x 2.36" (355mm x 60mm)
  • Lower risk of scorching than an internal heating element


  • Ensure your kettle is always on a heat-resistant surface when heating up.

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