Crown Royal Apple Float Cocktail Recipe

Crown Royal Apple Float Cocktail Recipe

Enjoy a tasty crown royal cocktail recipe made from moonshine!


Is there anything better than sipping on your favorite cocktail at the end of a long day? As you put your feet up and sink back into your favorite chair you feel the tension and stress leave your body. As you sink into a puddle of relaxation, you bring your favorite cocktail to your lips and sip a satisfying drink that warms you from the inside out.


Here at How to Moonshine, we know the satisfaction you can get from sipping on your favorite cocktail, we also know that it can be even more satisfying when you make it yourself!


Delicious Drinks made with Moonshine


While many are aware that you can make your own whiskey at home, not all moonshiners realize that you can also take the further step to easily infuse your spirits as well. In fact, many moonshine enthusiasts are born from trying an infused shine or a mixed cocktail.


Adding moonshine to your cocktail is an easy way to add one heck of a kick to its potency while still retaining all of your favorite flavors.


Infusing your moonshine is a great way to make your own specialty whiskey at a fraction of the price.

The Taste of Crown Royal Apple



Crown Royal Apple is one of many flavored whiskies available from Crown Royal Brand. This Canadian blended whiskey is a whiskey lover’s favorite and many enjoy the added hint of royal gala apples.


In addition to being a delicious option to sip over ice, Crown Royal Apple is also a delicious ingredient for many signature cocktails. It adds a hint of apple sweetness to any drink as well as the strength of a blended whiskey.


Of course, making your own version of Crown Royal Apple whiskey is as simple as infusing your own moonshine blend.


Infusing flavors into your whiskey is a simple process. In fact, the most difficult step is the waiting process as this process takes a good amount of time yet a small amount of effort.


How to Make your own Whiskey


Making moonshine is a simple three-step process that requires the cooking of simple starches to convert them into fermentable sugars, adding yeast, and allowing them to ferment into alcohol, and then distilling.


This process is not overly complicated, yet it is one that requires the moonshiner to adhere to strict temperatures, timing, and using the right ingredients and equipment.


Making your First Batch of Moonshine


Making moonshine is quickly rising in popularity, especially since many are able to taste and experience similar strength alcohol by sampling Everclear and want the ability to create their own.


Recipes for moonshine cocktails are on the rise and more and more people are curious to see if they have what it takes to make their own.


The Right Tools for the Job


Like most jobs, having the right tools not only makes the job easier, it also yields better results. This is especially true with moonshining.


While making a moonshine mash uses many tools and equipment that you could easily find in your kitchen, everything is usually on a bigger scale. This is because the batches of mash are large and you are able to distill a large amount of mash in most stills.


Having the right scale of equipment is important to make sure you are able to hold all the ingredients needed to make a whiskey mash. Making a whiskey mash requires larger scaled equipment and tools. Here are some of our favorite finds:


Equipment Needed for Making your Mash



Are you curious to know why we have chosen these items as your must-haves? Check out our ultimate equipment list for making moonshine!

Choosing the Right Still for You




With the popularity of moonshine on the rise, many are quickly learning it is a simple process to do at home. With so many still options available on the market, it can be tough to know which still is the best option for you.


At How to Moonshine, we know the importance of combining a quality still with the practicality of day to day life. That is why we offer our all in one stovetop still kits.


Our Blue Ridge Stovetop Still kit combines a still and a fermentor to make your moonshine experience easier, economical and practical for storage. Your still kit comes with all you need to ferment and distill your moonshine. This means you have less to buy and can easily getting started making your first run.



copper whiskey moonshine still



In addition to acting as a fermentor and still, the Blue Ridge Stovetop Still kit  also has the ability to use your stovetop as a heat source and has a built in cooking thermometer. This still kit is really designed to save you money and make the process of your first run as easy as possible!



Do you have questions about how to make moonshine? Check out our complete guide here.