Amylase for Moonshine
Amylase for Moonshine
Amylase for Moonshine

Amylase for Moonshine

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Make the Most out of Your Mash with Amylase for Moonshine


  • Elevate your mash to ensure the best flavor, aroma, and proof
  • Infuse your mash with the enzymes it needs to excel 
  • Convert starch into sugar like a boss


Our Amylase is ready to get to work making the most out of your mash. Get your moonshine off to the right start with our amylase. 

With the right amount of amylase, you can get the proper enzymes for fermentation, ensuring the best flavor, aroma, and alcohol content for your moonshine.


1.5 oz - Good for 30 gallons of moonshine. Stored in a resealable pouch. 

What is Amylase Used for in Moonshine? 

Amylase is a  bacterially-derived enzyme that is a great option for those who want to make moonshine but don’t want to add malted grains. The malt is required to achieve a proper starch conversion so if you are not able or want to add malted starch to your recipe you can substitute it for amylase. 

You can tell when amylase is ready to get to work when your mash becomes thick and gelatin-like. This happens when your starch absorbs the liquid in your mash and then bursts open. 

Once your amylase is added you will notice your mash liquifies again. This is because the amylase breaks down the starch into dextrins and simple sugars to get it ready for fermentation. 

Do I Need Amylase to Make Moonshine?


Amylase is not necessary for every recipe, as adding malted grains, such as our Malted Barley will do the same job. However, if your recipe does not have enough naturally occurring enzymes, you will need amylase to help with starch conversion. 

By adding amylase, starches are quickly converted into simpler, fermentable sugars, so that your mash turns out exactly the way you want it. This essential enzyme helps to accelerate the mash process and provides uniformity and consistency to your finished product.


How Much Amylase do you Add to Moonshine?

Amylase enzyme is used during the mashing process when there are not enough naturally occurring enzymes, typically due to a mash containing a high level of adjuncts. Also used to more rapidly and completely convert starches into sugars.

Usage varies, but the typical dosage rate is 1/4 oz per 5 gallons. Combined with other ingredients, this enzyme helps ensure a higher yield of ethanol and glucose, resulting in a higher quality, smoother-tasting distilled spirit.

Amylase Moonshine Recipe

Amylase is used in moonshine recipes when the recipe does not include a malted grain. One example of this is our Malt O Meal Moonshine recipe. 

This recipe uses your favorite cereal to make your favorite spirit-moonshine!  It's a simple, veritably foolproof way to get moonshine that is ready to drink in about one week! It's the perfect way to get your craft-style booze, easy peasy!



amylase moonshine recipe

Check out the recipe here! 

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