Flaked Corn For Moonshine (1 lb bag)

Flaked Corn For Moonshine (1 lb bag)

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Our flaked corn is a great option for producing premium moonshine


Flaked corn or maize, better known as steam-flaked corn, is a great option for those who want a simple base for their high-proof moonshine. 

This premium grain is great quality, easy to work with, and produces great-tasting shine. No need to mill-however, you can create a corn meal easily using a coffee grinder if desired. 

Flaked corn has been gelatinized and rolled so that it is ready for starch extraction. Flaked corn does not have the enzymes needed to break down the starches so, you will still need malted grains with it in the mash.

Moisture................................................................. 7.0%
Extract FG, Dry Basis ...........................................80.0%
Protein, Dry Basis................................................. 10.0%
Conversion Time.............................................. <10 min


Moonshine is often made from corn, which is a cheap and widely available grain that can produce high-proof alcohol.


Malted barley is another popular grain for whiskey production, as it adds flavor and complexity to the drink.


Rye is also commonly used for whiskey but has a more intense flavor than other grains like wheat or oats.


What Type of Grain is Used for Moonshine? 

Distilled grain spirits are typically made from rye, wheat, corn, and/or barley - though sometimes other grains like oats may be used too.

Whiskey production usually involves malted barley in addition to one or two other grains such as rye or wheat.


The main difference between distilled grain spirits and whiskey is that whiskey must be aged in oak barrels to bring out its characteristic flavor and aroma.


No matter what type of spirit you’re looking to make, choosing the best grain for distilling is key to creating a tasty and enjoyable drink.

For moonshine, corn is a great choice. For whiskey, malted barley plus at least one other grain is usually ideal. And for distilled grain spirits, rye, wheat, corn, and/or barley are all good options to consider.


Corn Used in Distilling

Corn is a key ingredient in the production of various distilled spirits, such as bourbon and corn whiskey.

When it comes to distilling, the type of corn used plays a crucial role in determining the flavor profile and characteristics of the final product.

The corn used for distilling is typically dent corn, also known as field corn or maize. Dent corn has a high starch content, making it ideal for fermentation and the production of alcohol.

Unlike sweet corn, which is popular for human consumption, dent corn is not as palatable and is primarily cultivated for industrial purposes. It undergoes a process called gelatinization during cooking, which releases the starch and allows for easier conversion to sugar during the fermentation process.

With its distinct properties and rich history in the distilling industry, dent corn remains the preferred choice for those looking to produce high-quality spirits.

Benefits of Distilling With Corn

When it comes to distilling, corn offers a range of benefits that cannot be ignored. Known for its versatility and wide availability, corn is a popular choice among distillers for many reasons.

One of the main advantages of using corn in the distilling process is its variability in kernel size. This allows for greater control over the final product, as different types of corn can produce distinct flavor profiles.

Whether it's dent corn for a rich and robust whiskey or flaked corn for a smoother moonshine, the options are endless.

Furthermore, corn is mechanically harvested, making it easier for processing and consumption. This ensures a consistent and high-quality product every time. With corn intended specifically for milling, distilling, and brewing, distillers can rely on trusted suppliers like Mile Hi to provide premium corn that meets their exact needs.

Overall, the benefits of distilling with corn are undeniable. Its versatility in producing different types of distillates, variability in kernel size, and availability from trusted suppliers make it a staple in the distilling industry. So, whether you're a seasoned distiller or just starting out, consider the advantages of using corn to enhance your spirits.

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