Raw Yellow Corn For Moonshine  5lb bag (Pre-Milled)

Raw Yellow Corn For Moonshine 5lb bag (Pre-Milled)

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Keep your moonshine sweet and simple with our raw yellow corn (mealed) for moonshine.


Corn is the base for any moonshine, but which one to choose?

Those who want an ingredient that is simple to use and adds a great flavor can't go wrong with our raw yellow corn. 

Our mealed corn makes it easy to make a delicious and high ABV shine every time. Popcorn Sutton swore by corn meal in his shine and you will too! 

How to Choose the Perfect Grain for Distilling

When it comes to creating high-proof alcohol, grains like corn are a great option for moonshine.

Rye is also a popular choice for whiskey production due to its more intense flavor than other grains, while malted barley adds complexity and depth of flavor. For distilled grain spirits, rye, wheat, corn, and/or barley are all good choices.

Using the right grain can make or break your home distilling experience. So it’s important to do some research on what grain is best suited for the drink you’re making – not only in terms of flavor but also in terms of cost and availability.


To get the most out of your homemade spirits, choose the right grain for distilling at the start.


What to Consider Before Choosing Your Grain 


When you’re ready to start the distilling process, it’s important to have an understanding of what each grain can do for your spirit.

Corn is a great option for moonshine because it produces high-proof alcohol with relative ease and affordability.

Malted barley is the most popular choice for whiskey due to its unique flavor profile, while rye adds an extra punch of boldness that other grains such as wheat or oats can’t quite match.

Distilled grain spirits usually involve multiple types of grain including rye, wheat, corn, and/or barley – so think carefully about which combination will give you the desired results.

Finally, when choosing between different grains for distilling, keep in mind cost and availability, as well as flavor.

With the right grain, you can make a spirit that rivals anything found at the store!


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