Siphon Hose for Moonshine

Siphon Hose for Moonshine

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Experience the perfect siphon with our 3 feet of flexible, high-quality silicone tubing. With a temperature range of -100F to 500F, it's perfect for making moonshine without any leaks or breaks. Say goodbye to traditional siphons and hello to easy, hassle-free moonshine making!

Translucent, food-grade tubing temperature rated to 500F.

FDA approved for food-grade use, this inert Silicone tubing is both tasteless and odorless. Its translucent natural color allows for easy viewing of flow, and it can withstand temperatures ranging from -100F to 500F.

Experience the ultimate tubing for constructing your own personal distillery - perfect for maintaining a mash temperature above 180F!

This tubing is not designed to hold pressures above 20psi. 


The Role of the Siphon in Moonshine Production


Moonshine production might conjure images of roaring fires and bubbling concoctions, but there's a silent, behind-the-scenes player that keeps the process moving: the siphon. This humble tool plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and efficient run.


What Does a Siphon Do?

A siphon utilizes the basic principle of gravity to transfer liquids from one container to another without needing a pump. By creating a temporary pressure differential, the siphon initiates a flow, pulling liquid upwards and then down to the desired destination.


Siphoning in Moonshine Making

In the moonshine world, siphons come into play at various stages:

  • Transferring the Mash: After fermentation, the mash (grain mixture) needs to be transferred to the still's boiler. A siphon helps carefully move the liquid without disturbing the solids (grain) that have settled at the bottom. This prevents unwanted sediment from carrying over into the final product, affecting taste and quality.
  • Racking Off: During fermentation, dead yeast and other sediment can accumulate at the bottom of the container. To avoid these impurities tainting the moonshine, a siphon allows you to carefully extract the clear liquid (wort) from the top, leaving the sediment behind. This process, called racking, can be repeated multiple times for maximum clarity.
  • Collecting the Moonshine: Once distillation begins, the alcohol vapors condense back into liquid form, dripping out of the condenser coil. Here, a siphon can be used to collect the moonshine in batches, separating it from the hot distillate as it comes out.


Siphon Savvy for Moonshiners

Siphons are a simple tool, but using them effectively requires some finesse:

  • Material Matters: Choose a food-grade siphon material like silicone or plastic to avoid contaminating the moonshine.
  • Size it Right: Select a siphon with a tube diameter large enough to handle the flow rate of your distillation process.
  • The Gentle Approach: Siphon slowly and steadily to minimize stirring up sediment.
  • Mind the Dip: Ensure the intake end of the siphon is always submerged in the liquid to maintain the flow.

Safety First!

Remember, moonshine production can be dangerous. Always prioritize safety by following proper procedures and using equipment responsibly.

The siphon, though a simple tool, plays a vital role in moonshine production. By understanding its function and using it properly, you can ensure a smoother flow and potentially improve the quality of your final product. 

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