The Best Rye Moonshine Grain Kit
The Best Rye Moonshine Grain Kit
The Best Rye Moonshine Grain Kit
The Best Rye Moonshine Grain Kit

The Best Rye Moonshine Grain Kit

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Unlock the rich complexity of Best Rye Moonshine Grain Kit with its 90/10 Rye and Wheat blend, malted barley and turbo yeast. 


  • Add depth and character to your moonshine 
  • Achieve a perfect conversion with our specialized recipe
  • Ferment fast with our turbo yeast
  • A top-notch flavor that leaves a lasting impression





This Kit Includes: 

5 -1lb bags of Rye Malt 

1 1lb bag of Malted Barley

1 Package of Turbo Yeast




Perfect for rye bourbon mashes, our grain kit ingredients adds depth and flavor to moonshine recipes.


This kit is your ticket to the flavors of a timeless classic. Enjoy the sweetness, boldness, and smooth finish of Best Rye Moonshine Grain Kit with every sip.




Get the crafty complexity you've been looking for with this ideal mash ingredients.


Distillers Rye Blend

Experience a unique complexity with this rye and barley blend mash.

With malted barley at 6%+, you'll achieve a perfect conversion and the crafty complexity you've been searching for!

Versatile and flavorful, this ingredient adds depth and character to any whiskey or moonshine recipe. Get your hands on it now for a top-notch taste you won't forget!



Malted Barley

Unlock the superior taste now! Our malted barley comes from the only AMBA non-GN producing barley in the United States, delivering a traditional European flavor profile with a hint of honey.


Milled to perfection and boasting a moisture content of 4.5%, a color of 1.9 Lovibond, 11.1% protein, and 100 in diastatic power, you'll be ready to make a perfectly balanced and flavorful moonshine.


Add a delicious complexity to your craft with malted barley that's milled to perfection for a perfectly balanced mash. Make moonshine with confidence, knowing that you'll be crafting the highest-quality spirit on the market.


 Turbo Distilling Yeast

Turbo Distilling Yeast is an advanced turbo yeast for producing high-quality alcohol with professional results.


It makes up to 18% ABV, creating up to 25 liters of clean, low-congener wash quickly.


Unleash the craft distiller within and experience the benefit of professional-grade results!

Its high-performance fermentation means you can create a high-alcohol wash in just 48 hours – with its unique formulation, it takes less time and effort to achieve the same results as traditional yeast mixtures.

This premium yeast is designed to produce a high-strength wash, free from off-flavors and undesired congeners, in less time than traditional yeasts.

With Turbo Distilling Yeast, you can expect a quick, clean fermentation process with quick recovery and reliable results.





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