The Colossus 3" Distillation Column
The Colossus 3" Distillation Column

The Colossus 3" Distillation Column

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Unleash Your Inner Master Distiller

Craft exceptional spirits, exactly your way. The Colossus 3" Distillation Column with 6-Sections is the ultimate tool for serious distillers who demand unparalleled control and efficiency.

Supercharge Your Spirit Production:


  • Unmatched Speed: The massive 3" diameter column outpaces 2" models by 80%, letting you create larger batches in record time.
  • Modular Mastery: Our innovative design allows you to adjust the column height for ultimate control. Need a light spirit? Run with fewer sections. Craving maximum refinement? Add sections for an incredibly smooth, polished product.
  • Effortless Cleaning: Disassembling the modular column takes seconds, eliminating the frustration of cleaning a long, narrow tube. Focus on what matters – creating exceptional spirits.


Craft Gin Made Simple:

  • Modular Gin Basket (Optional): Infuse your spirits with botanicals with ease. Simply add the basket when needed, and remove it for classic distillations. Perfect for creating unique and flavorful gins that will impress.


Built to Last, Engineered to Impress:

  • Premium Materials: Featuring a robust 3" diameter construction, upgraded copper bubble plates, and high-quality stainless steel components, this column is built for performance and longevity.
  • Dual Distillation Modes: Choose between reflux mode for superior purity or pot still mode for a more robust flavor profile.
  • Crystal Clear Monitoring: Large 2" viewing windows allow you to witness the distillation process firsthand.


Everything You Need to Get Started:

This complete package includes everything you need to start distilling like a pro, from the thermometer to the column sections:

  • 6-section 3" flute column
  • Upgraded copper bubble plates
  • Inline parrot
  • Condenser
  • Dephlegmator
  • Reducer
  • Tri-clamps and gaskets
  • Solar digital thermometer


This isn't just a still, it's an investment in your passion. Become the legend behind the bar with the Colossus 3" Distillation Column . Order yours today and unlock the secrets of crafting exceptional spirits.

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